Einstein and Connectivity

Submitted by illuminator on September 16, 2017 - 10:33pm

I recently consulted for the delightful couple I reported on a while ago — I’ll call them ‘Joe and Jill’ They’re the two who confirmed their connectivity to a 900-yr-old tree when it showed up in their consultation. Turns out, it joined in to thank them for the hugs. Apparently, that wonder of nature stands tall where the couple’s cycling team would meet. They’d always take time to hug the tree!

This time we met in Skype — and once again, we received a wonderful and unexpected demonstration of our timeless connectivity to ALL things, beings and nature. It’s that magical feeling of ’oneness’ that originates and resides — in the heart.

Several minutes into their session, I felt drawn to a photo I spotted on the wall behind the couple’s couch. It was of the brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein.

This formidable soul connected with me — ‘piggy-backing on my frequency’ — and gave me (transmitted) the impression of him as having a special connection to Joe. (This was indicated by the image of a string connecting the two.)

Sure enough, Joe confirmed he holds a very special place in his heart for Einstein, and in particular, an appreciation for his well-known eccentricities and playfulness. Joe said he often thinks of the famous photo of Einstein riding his bicycle. He said he truly loves his sense of playfulness, creativity and intuition.

I mentioned a quote of Einstein's I often refer to, one that has to do with his investigations involving time — “Time is relative to where the observer is standing.”

The moment I mentioned this quote, Einstein (by now, feeling very much a participant in our session), replied —“You ain’t seen nothing yet! “

I’ve long believed that consciousness is expanding exponentially in this lifetime. I also suspect that we’re likely to be shifting our own perceptions of time, quite possibly disengaging from the way we relate to it — linearly. We might come to experience ‘time’ in this physical reality similarly to the way those in the ‘non-physical’ exist in a ’no-time-zone.’ They have access to a much larger landscape that extends beyond linear time.

Einstein also joined in the conversation when Joe and I compared notes about the movie, Arrival,' agreeing with the way time was described as 'non-linear.'

It was clear that Einstein loves being appreciated for all that Joe feels so fondly about his timeless essence — all that he holds dearly in his heart about this remarkable soul.

What an awesome, powerful thing — a loving heart — and its eternal connectivity.