Healing Relationships Beyond Time and Death

Submitted by admin on August 19, 2003 - 9:12am

In Louise's ability to see beyond time and death, she is able to show how patterns that originate in our childhood do continue to repeat themselves and influence relationships in the present. Many of our reactions and responses to others—in our personal and professional relationships—are shaped by fears and unresolved issues that we project from the past, as well as our tendency to obsess about the future, the unknown.

"Hanging out" in both places—the past and the future—distracts us from new opportunities and responses from others that arrive in present time. Living in this way, we block inspiring insights that shift perceptions, transform old patterns and heal and improve our relationships. Unmistakable "synchronicities" (seemingly psychic, timing of events) that can guide us to new destinations, go unnoticed.

We do indeed, exist beyond this illusion of linear time. Therefore, it is possible to visit the past where our child-self is still in place. Re-positioning that child beyond time, inviting—actually"adopting"—him/her to join with the future (present) self, creates a corridor from the present to the past, through which the child's needs can truly be met. In this way, we are actually changing the present and future by influencing the past. Louise is able to demonstrate how she does this with clients, and how people can learn to accomplish this in meditation and by observing, then processing the "triggers" that arise in the present.

In exploring ways to help folks feels more connected to and responsible for their lives, Louise developed an intuitive tool with which she is able to retrieve specific moments from the past, when and where a person did feel happy with life, "at one" with the world, close to the Source, watched-over by a Higher Power. Then she shows how it's possible to recapture those "gemstones" and make them accessible in future moments of confusion, despair, when feeling disconnected to life. Facilitating this reconnection in another way of allowing the past to heal the future.

Life quite naturally seeks resolution, and the Universe will conspire to draw into our lives whatever circumstance and whatever souls might assist with that process. Loved ones from the Other Side often join in to help with that healing. Louise facilitates this process, promoting forgiveness and resolution. In this way, the spiritual evolution of all souls involved is accelerated.

Louise's presentations are enlightening and entertaining. Her teaching is peppered with demonstrations of her multi-sensory gifts. She randomly "tunes in" to the audience and reports back from beyond time and death, showing how we can create those healing corridors to the past, link them to a more positive future, and invite loved ones to come along, whether they're currently residing in or out of the body.

Participants in Louise's audiences often experience an "entrainment" effect, whereby they report an awakening or an amplification of their own intuitive abilities, following a demonstration.