Letting Go To Self-Awareness

Submitted by Anonymous on February 11, 2010 - 6:47pm

I have been experiencing that the more I look within, the more I can distinguish between the desires of my heart and the desires of my mind.

Who wants to experience PEACE?

Who wants to experience LOVE?

Who wants to be FREE?

On one level, you could say our mind wants these things. But our mind does not know the TRUE experience of these things. As we still our minds and gaze within, our concepts of these thing begin to fall away. It is in our HEARTS that we recognize the TRUTH about the REALITY of our inner nature.

You've heard the expression 'you can't take it with you'... I'm here to say you can. We are all rich beyond our wildest dreams, but if you identify with your false self [mental concepts] then, you are apt to leave empty handed. If however, you can SURRENDER everything that is not you, you will realize,

You can go home again,
You can get there from here.