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Submitted by Anonymous on May 21, 2010 - 5:40am

Hi subathra. I'm new to the site and am also interested in time travelling or should that be desperate. Let me explain. It started when when I left school in 2002 and was a confident and happy lad just having fun. I decided to buy a video camera to film all the things we did and for a year and a half I was living my life and it was great. But then when I left college at the start of 2004 my whole life changed as I became botherd by my face. I'd seen myself looking weird on the camera and wanted plastic surgery. I did carry on with things for a bit like this course and had a chance to date a girl but was scared of what she'd think if she saw it so I didn't. Then I had a chance for a holiday I realy wanted to go on but didn't because I didn't want to risk it being ruined by this. I then became botherd by my whole body and just basically hid away for years.What makes this worse is there realy wasn't anything wrong. I think I had body dismorphic disorder.I feel now that I've wasted my youth and I want it back. I wish to either be able to astral project back in to my younger body and live it again something like quantum leap or astral project back just to talk to myself and this will change the present like the butterfly effect. I don't know if either is possible, the problem is everyone has stories but nobody has proof. I don't beleive in this everything happens for a reason stuff. I can't find any positives to this at all. I've managed to throw away everything I wanted and could of had and now I'm just stuck in the past because in the present it's all gone. In fact I wouldn't even call this the present because time stopped for me in 2004, this is the future. I feel had I been responsible enough I would have gone to all the surgeons at the beggining and get a definitive answer but I didn't I just kept putting it off probably because the thought someone would do it was preferable to knowing nobody would but now I can barely live with myself. I'm not sure if this site is more about how you view the past or not. If it can be changed in my head to the point I actually have false memories and beleive something happened that didn't then great but just being told to learn from it won't be good enough in my case I want to see to it that it never happened. I'm not sure if astral time travel can change anything but I hope so because physical time travel is asking for a lot.

Dear Boyzelda,
What's the expression, "I feel you?"—As much as I encourage my apprentices to detach emotionally from others, when positioning themselves to be receivers of highly intuitive information (emotions tending to taint the "raw footage")—indeed, I could feel your pain. It's my impression that you've experienced quite a gravitational karmic pull, configured to yank you through some pretty challenging, dark times.

For me, it's the karmic issues that can become the most obsessive, hard to shake loose—like sticky tape. The degree of emotional angst with which one tussles doesn't seem to correlate with the (appearance of) presenting circumstances. The regrets, self-recrimination—the desire to go back and make it not to have happened — just won't leave you alone — as long as you hold onto the idea that things coulda/woulda/shoulda...been different.

First, you have to trust the plan. My particular spin, is that our eternally evolving soul dips down into various life experiences here in the physical plane, eager to expand from untold challenges and accompanying influences that are truly unique unto this dimension: the illusion fear, an emphasis on the material and the externals — all shaped by "consensus reality." All the while we do the tango with the 'ego self' and dance around envy, jealousy, the need to control and strive for more, more, more. (I personally think that that greater, overseeing part of our consciousness must get overly zealous when orchestrating these juicy possibilities for growth, pre re-entry.)

What I'm saying, is that when you can trust the plan — really trust it, and maybe that takes a huge measure of pure faith — that there truly is a Bigger Plan unfolding, you'll also come to accept that all that's transpired in your past, all that you so desperately now seek to change in your present —was meant to be.

Here's why (at least in the way that I see things): First of all, I believe that in any life-space, we may have 'died' holding certain un-truths — oh, say that we depart with beliefs that we've been abandoned, are unloved, unworthy...or perhaps with a false belief that we are worthy (for example), because we've amassed a great fortune from...oh....say, from ruthlessly taxing the peasants.

I recall a client who had married into great wealth. I saw that in another 'life space,' she'd defined her worth by the life she lived as an aristocrat in attendance to a royal court. In this life space, she divorced, lost her investment in a restaurant, and was abandoned by many of her friends who'd also enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. Around the same time, her storage space (containing all her valuables) burned down and she lost most everything by which she'd defined herself as worthy. She cashed in her pricey wedding ring for a deposit on a modest (but quite nice) apartment, and through time, began to see life through new eyes. Her soul began to grow.

Another might be pulled through a contrasting karmic configuration, designed to bring that soul to a new realization, for example, that one is worthy of joy and abundance, and might be challenged to learn to receive. These plans are truly customized.

It's my belief that we're granted the gift of life, the opportunity to return to life-in-the-physical to experience a variation of an old theme (those false beliefs), often set in motion by a childhood configured to serve as a catalyst, prompting one to one rise up and disprove those inaccuracies, to move on, to expand, to evolve from gaining brilliant new truths.

[BTW, if you take a few minutes to listen to my (vintage) Intro on the consultation page, you'll hear more of my spin on this — particularly my example of the three stockbrokers who I read in the same week — same appearances, all different karmic challenges. You'll also hear how I believe it's possible to 'jump off the karmic conveyor belt.']

The greatest outcome from adversity on our paths — and our pasts — is that those challenges leave us with a greater capacity to experience unconditional love — our one, eternal, transcending, timeless gift. And the toughest challenge is to forgive self, to learn to love self as unconditionally as the Source; to release, surrender, do whatever it takes to put yourself in the beam where you'll feel that phenomenal, indescribable gift.

In other words, boyzelda, isn't it pretty wierd, how at a certain juncture in your life, you were overcome with such huge insecurities about your appearance and all, an obsession you absolutely could not shake loose? Sounds pretty karmic to me.

I once saw for a client in her consultation, that there would be a soul coming to her as a granddaughter. In another life space, I saw that this soul had been crippled at the end of her life, confined to a wheelchair. She absolutely loathed seeing people look at her. She hated the thought of being pitied. I also saw that there would likely be an observable 'bleedthrough' effect in the earliest years of my client's (future) granddaugther.

Sure enough, I met this little girl when she was around three years old. She would not let me look at her! If I glanced her way, she'd leave the room. This affectation eventually wore off as she moved on to being the more expanded, enlightened version of that soul's 'self.'

Rather than trying to figure out how to go back and change the past — (and yes, that is the topic of this forum discussion) — try this:

In meditation, send love to that lost, confused, insecure self back there. Feel yourself being the caring parent, the adoring girlfriend (you wish you'd dated), come from your Greater Self and hug that confused, insecure young man. Let the Divine flow through you, to your past self. You will have changed the past.

Then let the adventures begin — as you experience a very new present!

Much love

Hi Louise. That was some pretty interesting advice but I feel I'm beyond that point where any form of therapy, meditation, forgiveness is going to work. Lord knows I've tried. I suppose it was karma that I used to think I looked so great and then I realised I didn't and wanted to look better or even what I thought was normal to live them years fully and I wasted them all. Life can go the wrong direction and then get better in certain cases but I beleive the rest of my life is now ruined because of it. Everything I thought I could have once I'd had it done I now realise I could have had anyway and I threw it all away. Cannabis played a big part in this as well, it was staring at myself whilst on that that made me panic but because of how isolated I became from everything I just smoked more of it almost like it was a form of self harm. I will never forgive myself for this, not ever. The worst thing is that I wanted it that badly but I didn't even try to make it happen, I just relied on others. So Ive learned that you have to get on with things yourself and Ive also learned you have to accept what you've got because it can't realy lead anywhere but disaster. This means nothing to me now though, in no way was it worth going through this just to learn that. I now could get the plastic surgeons numbers and ring them easily but it doesnt matter now it's six years ago it matterd. The one positive is that I didn't get it done because I realy didn't need it and I think it would have been a disaster. But ultimately this feels no better, I look back at the photographs and I look fine on them all, I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Basically I need to change the past because I am now a person with an obssessive mind and a very negative one because of what Ive done to it with drugs and I know historys going to repeat itself only this time it's worse, I have nothing to look forward to. Each day I feel I don't just get a day older but an entire six years and a day. Having a future from this point as this person I now am is basically pointless. The past I regret massively, the present is ruined because of it and the future looks awful. I don't have even the potential for happiness left in me. Sending information back to myself with meditation probably wouldn't help either because although the problem had started then I wasn't anywhere near as bad as I am now. It's the present me that needs helping but I feel it can only be done in the past so that I never got like this in the first place. This must be possible through astral time travel, it just depends on whether you can leave your body in the present time and actually enter the body you had then. Thats the only way that you could physically interact and make changes. Of course doing this is trying to defeat karma and could be dangerous but I would take the chance because in my current position I want to die anyway. I realise there is all sorts of theraputic things and spiritual things on this website but for me Im pretty much beyond any of it working in the present. This probably is like negative manifestation and I'm aware I do it but in my heart I realy do beleive its true. Its stupid I put myself in the position that I needed something as outrageous as this to be happy but somehow I did

I am so frustrated with trying change the past, change the past, change the past. I don't believe in a God who hears and answers you. Well, either that or God just doesn't care. I have tried everything and am just about to cast my life to the wind.

Either I am get to fine a way to go back in time (at night during sleeping hours hopefully) and start from birth, re-enter my younger body, re-experience these moments and change whatever I want to for a year's time each night and wake up the next day and live fully in the present making each moment count, or I can just live out the rest of my miserable ca ca life and go before God on Judgement Day, and, before his angels escort me to Hell, I'm going to scream out to God my expression of hate as to miserable He allowed my life to be. Everytime I try to accomplish things, it backfires on me.

I'm 63 years old, and I'm going to be the shitiest old man who ever lived. I'm going to lower everybody's vibes. That's what I'm reduced.

Did you hear that, God???????? Either you show me how to go back and correct the shitty decisions I made, or I am going to life out my life bitterly, spit at heaven, and raise Hell in Hell.

And on top of that, I've got a 95 year old mother who nags me.

Sometimes I feel like the phony wizard of oz. Anyway, yes, I have gone into a trance and experienced a few minute changes over a long span of time, but I have not significantly changed my past to the extent of improving my present. I feel they were short, brief moments in the trance state that didn't change much.

Anyway, what I'm trying to do so that I can pass it on to others better so that we can significantly heal the planet and ourselves. And I'm trying to do it on a consistent basis rather than just sporatically in the trance state.

i feel the ideal is to make changes nightly to affect all for the better.

Try this: get a good biofeedback machine with a lot of good meditation presets. Check the website on time reversal. I think that is it. It will show you a diagram with a vortex that looks somewhat like this: a cone with an upside down cone below it. Read the information on it. Visualize it as you meditate.

If I get this whole website mad at me, I'll destroy myself.

Anyway, good luck in working with this.

Hey guys—do you really believe that there's an old dude with a gray beard who's waiting to judge you when you're earthly tour of duty is over? I personally believe that we've been fed that perception by man—created in his image.

Furthermore, I feel that no matter where you succeed in getting to—traveling to the past, the future, or the non-physical dimension—you will most certainly take your current perceptions and projections with you. At the end of the day (and life) they're what create your (what's been called) "heaven"—where many can't wait to arrive, and "hell"—where others fear they'll be condemned to hang out for eternity. It's all "streaming consciousness."

Please try, however you can manage it, to raise your vibration in the present. Do whatever you can to get yourself back into alignment—where the Source can find you to deliver the goods. Find something—anything!—for which to feel grateful or appreciative. This gets you back in sync in a flash! (Try envisioning the cylindrical beam on Star Trek, through which they'd beam up...)

Then comes the synchronized phone call, the parking place, the intuitive insight—but most of all, you're back in position to receive the love, forgiveness, healing and understanding that you seek from that expansive, infinite, non-local, omnipresent, omnipotent higher energy. God=the old man dude who judges you? Indeed...

Here's another way of looking at this idea of coming into alignment with higher vibrations, in terms of physics:

entrainment: the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume the same period. The two oscillators may fall into they assume a more stable phase relationship, the amounts of energy gradually reduce to zero. In the realm of physics, entrainment appears to be related to resonance.”

You might also enjoy perusing recent additions to the NEWS—particularly one idea expressed in the new movie, Inception and the article re. Optimism.


you're really cheesed off (shitted out) by not being able to change your past. But then think, everything comes together. Maybe a group of people will come and find your advice so they can change their past. Once this group of people selected by the Universe have changed their past YOU can finally change yours. MAYBE this is meant to happen?

Possess your younger body, then change it.

Boyzelda, do you think that you could have come to accept yourself as you do in the present, had you not experienced all that you now lament about the past? That's the gift that we receive from experiencing this dimension of duality—the opportunity to learn from the contrast.

Well thats an interesting point but I realy feel had I gone to see all the surgeons at the start I would have accepted it how it was because there would have been no choice. This isn't just hindsight either I knew it at the time but foolish me didn't want to kill the dream and then when I was bothered by the rest of my body it was pretty much a missed opportunity. That said it could be argued I was never going to snap out of it until something scared me into doing so. I think sometimes you only snap out of something once you have lost something that realy mattered to you and all the sayings like "don't know what you've got till it's gone", "be careful what you wish for", and "youth is wasted on the young" now make perfect sense.
I wouldn't say I do accept myself now, far from it. I just realised I didn't need it but realy thats because it was replaced with much bigger concerns. A tiny imperfection in my face doesn't matter a damn anymore next to the fact six and a half years have vanished worrying about it, all I could of had in them years is gone, my brain is pretty much ruined through the drug use, my whole family has fallen apart and I have no start in life. I dispise myself for what Ive done and I can't get over how much older I am in what feels like under a year. And for someone who was so obssessed with looks as me, the time I wasted was the last time I wanted to waste. Plastic surgery never should have been invented apart from for genuine deformity. All it does in society is place more emphasis on appearance and realy no one is made any happier by it at all

But Louise is advising us to raise our vibrations to a higher level, which is good advise. I don't much like myself really, but we've got to try. Within both of us is an urge to search for a way to make all things new. I think we are coming into 4th dimensional consciousness and in the transition I think there is an urge with us to create a happy past, happy present and happy future through a new timeline. In 4th dimension, which I think we're transitioning we are coming into "moment" consciousness. We will be able to travel along a straight line from place to place. There will be less distance in space. We'll think something and just be there. More instantaneous. We'll be able to see our loved ones and do lots of things "in the momement." more. In 4th dimension we'll be transitioning from shorter time consciousness to no time consciousness. I think Louise is at least in the 5th dimension if not higher.

Now, for now, in this transition, we are not please with our past. Mine has been crap. So, check out Time Reversal on the internet. Look at the diagram. It looks like a cone then an upside down cone. It shows photons circling counter clockwise. Also, it shows energy traveling slower than the speed of light with an arrow pointing downward, which is going to the past. The arrow at the top pointed upward has energy traveling faster than the speed of light.

Now, this is what I am trying. Visualize it just above your head. Especially see the energy projecting downward from is less than the speed of light. Focus on it. Our goal is to be able to enter the trance state (whether it be the trance state or astral plane) to be able to become our past and chance whatever we want to. We would then come back into the present on a new timeline. That's what I'm trying. Check it out.

Also, check out the book, Shifting Realities.

Good Luck.


Ok, guys, you've seen my light side and my dark side with its ups and downs. But I'm wondering now if there is a way we can come together and figure a way to work all this out.

Why don't we check out "Reversing Time" online and study closely as to what Dr. David Anderson is telling us. Maybe we can all figure it out together. What I am thinking is that we can use the diagram for focusing in meditation into the theta state of mind. The beta state is sort of a daydreaming state that we all go in and out of throughout the day. The alpha state is the state in which we have tasks to perform and are focused on those tasks. Now the theta state is the state we want to endeavor to go to each night. It is the "twilight" state between being awake and asleep. Our bodies are asleep while our minds are awake. It is in that state (and I also call this state the "trance" state) that we can do a lot of energy work. I think it would be good to focus on the diagram that Dr. Anderson has provided.

I know this already. Focusing on the lower cone (which is for time travel into the past) and especially focusing on the spiral moving downward counter clockwise has some very good energy that I can feel. I think if we meditate enough times and keep it up we will see some results. And, as we are focusing, we are also focusing on what our goals are: to correct decisions we have made in the past that lowered vibrations rather than raised them for, not only ourselves, but for everybody. It is our goal then to replace negative energy that we have imparted with positive energy. What are we creating? A happy past as opposed to an unhappy past. What we are doing in the trance state is to change decisions we have made into better decision that benefit the "whole." And by synchronizing the past, present and future together we are created, in essence, heaven on earth.

Also, read every comment Louise has made, every book she has written, and all of her wisdom. She is integrating the present/future in a unique way that I want to learn more about.

Also, check out the book that Cynthia Lawson wrote: "Shifting Realities."

Good luck. Would anyone suggest we do a great experiment on changing the past?


Oops! Beta is doing everyday chores and focusing on them. oops! Now, Alpha is daydreaming what being awake. Now Theta is where we want to go.......When meditating, try not to fall asleep. I sometimes get to comfortable lying on my side and fall sleep. But we want our bodies to fall asleep but our minds to be awake. Mozart

Hi Mozart, I've just been on an astral projection course which taught me a lot of fascinating stuff about reality. I think Louises views are pretty much the same as what the out of body explorers think. That this is the dream and there are higher planes of reality and concsiousness, the first is an overlay of this, the second the place where dragons, unicorns, anything you want exists, the third your higher self and the highest being the soul plane and arkashic records where all information about everything is. All time is essentialy happening now but in this illusion we just experience a to b. But surely that moment could be changed if it's still happening.This time reversal sounds similar to astral projection in getting to that trance state but the focus there is to leave your body, how does it differ and can you do them together? I have a set place and time I want to go so any advice is welcomed. Of course I know this happened for a reason and for my higher self it's simply experience but in our physical bodies we are trapped in the ego and I want to live out my youth like I wanted to. Fate and destiny are different apparently, fate being the cards you're dealt and destiny what you do with them so I was meant to want plastic surgery but then my choice not to get on with it was in my hands and it's simply unforgivable to my ego self

I feel that you're wonderfully succinct, "boyzelda," and that your words convey the depth and sincerity of your quest. (Ditto—Mozart...I like your concept of "moment consciousness...") I enjoyed reading your summary of the different planes of reality, and your acknowledgment of the role that your ego-self is playing throughout so much that you're committed to sorting out.

I gained an entirely new understanding of my ego-self from reading Eckhart Tolle's, "A New Earth." The first couple of chapters went slowly for me, but the rest became my "feather-bound" book, so filled with markers at his profound, pithy insights.

Granted, we certainly do need an ego—to be a "self," here in this physical reality. However, it's been incredibly empowering for me to learn to separate my true, authentic, present self—from (what/whom I call) my "Edith Ego"— (..."Edith Ann" when she's attempting to grab the wheel, whereupon I subsequently relinquish her to a chair in the corner...)—and then, voila!—I experience an instantaneous shift from that one aspect of me—back to center, back to my authentic, expanded "self." The shift is accompanied by an immediate change in my perceptions and agenda.

Here's an example: I was invited to a dinner party, where I knew that most of the guests held (very) conservative political/spiritual views, similar to those of my friends, the host/hostess. In these parts (temporarily residing in Idaho), I've become accustomed to keeping my head down, moving my food around on my plate in silence at these types of social gatherings. Nevertheless, I observed some angst and trepidation in myself as I prepared to leave for the party.

I had just read in Eckhart's book (paraphrasing): "When we define ourselves by our beliefs, the ego-self feels that it's being annihilated when confronted with opposing views. It has to fight back. We can hold certain beliefs—as opposed to being our beliefs!"

That nugget shifted the whole evening for me. I was able to be fully present, enjoying everyone at the party, while in my mind visualizing my own personal beliefs being held in my hand, off to the side—separate from "me"—my authentic self.

So I guess we have a choice, the role we choose to let the ego-self play. I hope I didn't stray too far off from the subject here—which I probably tend to do (and you guys are patient with my doing so). I appreciate how dedicated you dudes are to the exploration of your (expanded) consciousness(es)!

much love

That quote from Eckhart speaks to me quite a lot. Such was the strengh of my beleif that I needed plastic surgery I wouldn't beleive anyone who told me differently, even the plastic surgeons I saw I didn't realy beleive them and ended up leaving and thinking they had missed it or something. So weirdly this thing was almost like pride. Is there a term for that? And now the same thing in thinking I'm to old and also none deserving of feeling good because of the past. I think to an extent I definately have narcissistic personality disorder. It's a monster building inside me and theres no release for it so it turns to anger. Back when I made the video I was kind of like that saying the most ridiculous things and dancing to anything because I didn't care. But that day it stopped and I've been introverted ever since, it kills me inside. Ultimately throughout the six years I felt better than now simply because I had that to look forward to so I thought things would get better, a future in mind is essential to keep you positive but now I can only look back and it hurts my head


May 23, 2010 - 1:14pm

Hello, "Subarthra!"
I have a feeling that you not only "believe" in this, but have most likely had your own experiences that would confirm so. Through my work with apprentices, I find that once given a new framework in which to recognize previous sensings (often dismissed as elusive or random) in a new Light—they come to re-interpret those moments as evidence of their own innate, multi-sensory nature.

Here's a fun exercise that I share with my apprentices in their weekly phone sessions:

We time travel together to the future, "throwing out the fishhook" to, say...the following Friday. Merging with each other's timeless, "streaming" consciousness, we land in a very particular, specific moment and take a look around. We actually view little details that are already transpiring in that future moment (beyond linear time)—that actually get confirmed when their physical selves catch up with those moments-in-time.

BTW, while we're there, we take the time to infuse specific intentions that the apprentice is holding—to have the closet cleaned, a thesis completed, having received answers or resolution to a particular dilemma, etc. Together, we up the energy of the scene by wrapping ourselves in the emotions of that moment—excitement, gratitude, relief, etc.

My apprentices report amazing results. As with the chicken-or-the-egg concept, one might ask, "Did we simply tap into a future moment that happened to be floating around out there, beyond the time/space continuum?"—or did we create it! And of course, the answer is—beyond time, there is no "before"...or "after.

Hey, why not try doing the same with the past!

Have fun!
much love

Hi, Boyzelda. I have studied your comments and think they are great. In fact, I have a really good book entitled "Mastering Astral Projection" by Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer. It is a 90 day guide. There are other wonderful books by Robert Bruce. I am going to re-read your material as I think you have a lot to say. Also, check out the website on this. It says that we can re-enter our younger bodies (apparently on the astral plane) and change our past on the same plane. But, the only thing about that is that he also says that each time he has done that there has been a few things different that wasn't there before, a bit surrealistic. I think the astral plane is what we are headed toward. Mozart12345

I think it is a matter of thinking backwards as we astral project. Of course we will astral project when our bodies are asleep and our minds are still awake. It's sort of the bridge between full awakening consciousness and fully asleep. Sort of the "twilight time" inbetween. I love what Louise has to say. Gee I wish I could be back in her apprentice program, but my family is still hassling me. They are ultra conservatives.

I think it is a matter of thinking the age you want to be.

I thought I wanted to start at birth and progress through my life and clean it up progressively. But now I wonder if I want to gradually go backwards as I have a great deal to clean up just from the recent past. I'll determine what I want to do.

Anyway, in answer to your question, I think both can be done at the same time: astral traveling and changing your past. Does that halfway help?

Ive read Robert Bruce say he beleives it to be possible to go back and re-enter your younger body and make changes. But what I read on his site Astral Dynamics, he said he hadn't actually done it himself but not because he couldn't but because he wouldn't risk it. Things changing that wasn't intended would be inevitable like in the film the Butterfly effect. Still I don't think it would change anything on the grand scale of the world, it's not like I'm an important figure in politics. But definately as Louise said whether you are here or in the past your ego and everything you know now goes with you so I would rather leave myself a message back then before I got messed up and come back to the present and I'm that person who received the message and had a better life. If I was actually to live it again I'd still be who I am now. And for me it's only one thing I would have to change and thats telling myself I never get plastic surgery and I don't need it and maybe passing on those lessons Ive learned from it. Like my friends have said nothings actually ever realy happened to me as in bad events in the physical it's realy just been in my mind the whole time but has built and built to the point I don't think I'll ever be free. But that interior experience has made me miss out on all the things I wanted to do. If we can't enjoy these lives we might as well move on to the next now and what I realy want to do as a career realy had to start younger so anything in the present isn't realy going to help with that. Like if I'd wanted to be a runner and I lost a leg there would be nothing that could be done now to get that back it would have to be done in the past. And I'm not one of these people to settle for something less and leave that potential behind me, I'm an all or nothing type guy. It's funny but not all people who do astral projection are agreed that this is possible but I'm inclined to beleive in Robert Bruce over anyone else as he's the greatest living out of body explorer. It would be interesting to know if Monroe had any views on this. I do know that you are not actually physically leaving your body though your consciousness simply decends out of the physical plane. This is why you will look back and see your own body on the first astral plane, the overlay of this but if you just fall asleep you will be somewhere different entirely. But sleepwalking or waking yourself up shouting is proof things in the astral can manifest in the physical, I've even heard of people getting injuries and they're there when they wake up. I say this like I'm an expert but I haven't actualy even had an OBE yet so I realy want to see it for myself, I think just falling asleep and then trying to get lucid is best to start. The worry is if you don't actualy leave this physical body and fly around this exact reality I'm not sure how you would get back to 2004 and be back in the physical to enter your younger body and I also don't know how you would change things for other people because they have free will. I think say that girl I didn't go out with has now had a kid so I think if I was to go out with her she would still have that kid with that guy. I don't think I would have that power to uncreate a life. As for god judging, I think god is realy ourselves, I think the soul plane is god and the big bang and just basically creation. If there is a guy with a beard on the astral it's because we want there to be just like heaven but it goes a lot higher than that. Finally Mozart check out the site Timechatter, I'm a member on there and have posted more stuff and theres a lot of interesting opinions and information. You'd fit right in as a member

Have you ever had any type of time travelling experience that led to physically (not just mentally) changing the past in any way? Have you at least tried that and why?


September 16, 2010 - 3:06am

Finally some hope for me. I also started trying to go back in time a couple of months ago. Back then I did not even knew what AP was, it was just like I knew what I had to do - I would lay down, focus and relax and try to separate from my body. Later, I read what AP was and how to do it, and I was very surprised that I was already following a technique that existed without knowing it - this was my first hope that I can manage to do it, but then I could not find any information that time travel through AP is actually possible. You really give me some hope back, as for me, it is either going back or going away from this world - I will not live with my mistakes. Could you direct me where Robert Bruce has given information about time travel. I looked at the site, but I could not find articles stating his opinion about re-entering your younger body.
And also do you think when you go back, do you just go back for a moment to change a decision, or do you fully re-enter your younger self and relieve the whole time till now?

Hi rangestormer here are the links I found.
I personally don't think you could live it all again. I think you would always have to come back to the now but in changing it in that brief moment a brand new one with a different history.


September 18, 2010 - 3:32pm

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Thank you for the links. Changing only some of it is also good enough for me. I wish you luck with your attempts! :)

If this is possible it would change everything from that moment on but it would be your younger self that did it all and you would come back to where you left but with a whole new set of memories and a different life. I can't put it any better than the film the butterfly effect, thats what I'm going for. The reason I don't think you could do it all again first hand as tempting as it is is that in theory you could just keep doing the same years again, never getting any older and living forever and that just seems ridiculous

I've just read solidly through Changing the past, Changing the past - How to (Part II) and this topic Traveling to the past and it seems we are all agreed on the same basic notion that consciousness creates reality. Indeed that old question emerges that if theres a tree in the desert but nobody sees it is it realy there? We all want to create heaven on earth and through that changing the past seems the only way. I myself have created hell on earth but I know I'm still seeing the same physical reality as happy people but filtered through a different mindset it becomes a different place. The one thing where there is major misunderstanding is the interpritation thats given to changing the past. Indeed Louises comment about going back to a moment and making a different decision and all negative energy is removed and then saying that this is what a good therapist does sums it up. With what I and many others want is if we went to that therapist, went back, made the different decision and all negative energy was removed when we came back to the physical we wouldn't be sat with a therapist because thanks to the different decision that was made we never would have gone to see the therapist in the first place. I personally hate therapists, they've never understood me from the start and because I subscribed to their reality instead of doing what I knew was the right thing myself it's ruined my life. I despise the cheek they have in thinking they know whats best for you better than you do and now I'm the one that suffers, all thats happened to them is they've made more money of another victim. Anyway I'm going off topic but I wanted to say I think Mozart has done what Louise was talking about rather than what he was hoping for. I think with good medatation it could feel as though you're back in that moment as your younger self and made a different decision so the past doesn't haunt you but the reality will in actuality be exactly the same. Mozart if you're reading I can't understand why if you realy changed even the slightest thing you would still be on this timeline or alteratively if you did remain on this one the posts would have dissapeared. I think astral projection is the way to go but it has to be in the real time zone. Yes people deem it mental time travel but theres enough evidence to suggest it isn't just imaginary. I think the astral is a thought based reality that overlays this and they just operate at different frequencys, getting into it through a dream it becomes a work of your own creation that your conscious mind never takes over but getting there through being conscious to start with you would retain your goal. The real time zone is the place what is witnessed can be confirmed as actualy happening in the physical and the goal is to get back to that date and make sure it happened differently from that point so it changes what happened in reality and not just my mind. If this can't be confirmed by others once done then it seems useless. Whats the point in going back in the meditative state to delude yourself you changed something only for others to then tell you it never happened. It would be like when Rachel discovers in Blade Runner that her memories aren't real. To discover that, life would sink even further into oblivion

Are you still interested in doing what you said you wanted to do?

" fully re-enter your younger self and relieve the whole time till now"

If you are then we are on the same page. I don't have your e-mail address, but there are some things I would like to share with you on this topic. This is my e-mail address:

Please contact me if you're still interested in this.

Has anyone (who has posted comments) had any type of time travelling experience that led to changing the past in any way? Has anyone ever tried that and why?

Hi everyone. I'm new here and came across this thread looking for specific information.

The last comment was 3 years ago. Most of the people that commented were discussing exactly what I need to do. Any of you still check this thread and has anyone made any progress?

The username 'past' seemed to have some info regarding this but the email address given is no good now.

The question then remains: is it possible to go back in time to correct something or maybe jumping onto a different/alternative timeline and make lasting change that will propagate throughout the remainder of that timeline?

Can anyone help or offer suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Hey I'm new to this site. I can across this website whilst looking up ways to go back in time physically.. In order to change a specific event.. I know it seems crazy but something that was totally preventable has caused myself and others a lot of trauma and I just can't accept it I just want to find a way to physically go back in time in order to alter the present circumstances. I know it's asking for a lot but it's just one thing I want to change and it's pretty much a life or death situation to me. It's all I think about.. I was wondering if anyone had any success in travelling back in time in their own timeline and if they know of any methods.. Or ways of doing such a thing.
L xx

Greetings everyone!

I was truly delighted when I chanced upon this website and I immediately signed up for it. I for one believe in the timeless state of being and hence time travelling. I'm very interested to try it out by myself and I've been looking for some guidelines as to how to go about doing it. I've been reading some of the topics posted on the forum and it seems to me that some of you here might have first hand experience at time travelling (especially to the past). If so, please tell me how to do it. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.