Trusting that a loved one is showing up.

Submitted by Anonymous on July 19, 2003 - 10:41am


September 1, 2003 - 3:59pm

"Whenever I think, I make a mistake". - Roger Stevens
In response to your comment about feeling your Grandfather around you and not being sure it is him, just trust what you feel. You don't need to touch something or see something for it to be real or true. You know it in your heart.


September 7, 2003 - 11:17am

Teri Wade

I know exactly how you feel.
I believe that the most challenging aspect of communication
with spirits is Trust.
I also believe that we challenge ourselves in this way because
we don't want to be let down.
We don't want to get our hopes up. What if we're wrong? What if I felt an intense connection with a spirit, but I was "making it all up in my head"?
I have come to deal with this dilemma in two ways.
First, I recognize "signposts" of real communication.
The physical body responds in different ways when it experiences certain emotions.
Personally, when I feel a heart-connection, or something that I recognize to be profoundly true,
my eyes well up with tears, sometimes the hairs on my arms stand up, and often I feel a "surge" of energy through my body that makes me shiver.
Next time you "think" you feel a connection with your grandfather, pay attention to your body. Notice any "signposts" that your connection is creating an actual physical response (which is a tangible way for us to notice a non-tangible connection).
Secondly, the human mind has an undeniably mysterious effect on the reality that each one of us experiences.
I have toyed with the possibility that perhaps everything I "receive" from the other side IS actually "made up" in my mind.
Which I would argue, is the WORST case scenario of loving, spiritual commnication (that you "made it up" in your head).
And if that WERE the case, I would still delight in its participation.
If I AM in fact making it all up, it still comforts me, it still enriches my life and brings joy to my heartache, it still makes me feel like life is just THAT much more worth living.
And I'd opt for "making it all up" every time as opposed to living a life fear of experienceing joys that may turn out to be "made up".

I do happen to believe however, that spiritual connection is very real.
I have seen spirits put amazing and incomprehensible effort into making sure their loved ones know they are still cared for, remembered, and very loved--effort this is seen and experienced by more than just one person's mind.
All that's necessary to "connect" a loving thought.
When you think of your grandfather, you are "dialing his line",
and he is right there, however you choose to receive him.
He is challenging you to be courageous.
He is challenging you to Trust.
The more you trust, the more open you'll become.
The more open you are, the more easily and more intensely he'll be able to come through to you.

Don't forget to give yourself credit for how far you've come already!
And good luck to all your searching...

I loved everything you said, Teri. It is obvious you have an open mind and open heart, a lot of experience with multi-dimensional communication and are awake to your 'receiving apparatus' being fully operational.

Trust is also my biggest issue, and one my own multi-dimensional 'partner' has counseled me on. Of course multi-dimensional conversations are not like ones between mortals, and it's amazing how the receiving apparatus is both so clear and beyond say it's lightning fast is an understatement.

Thank you for this refreshing reminder that we all have similar human issues when it comes to non-human communication.

Sometimes I feel my grandfather around me. We were very close. How can I be sure it's him?