When God's Not Fair

Submitted by Anonymous on July 19, 2003 - 10:52am


July 22, 2003 - 4:51am

I guess that you first have to ask why we're here in the first place: for our soul to evolve. How does it evolve? By being challenged. When challenged, if we're not tempted by victimhood—that will spiril us downward—the challenges become the gifts. At some point, the Universe calls upon us to share those gifts with others in some way. So in terms of the Bigger Picture, there is always a purposeful plan unfolding - not random or chaotic, meaningless...nor unfair. However, through our customary miopic and limited view of life—coupled with a projection of our own fear of pain—life can seem pretty unfair.


August 8, 2003 - 6:46pm

What does this mean, to be 'Centered'? The more we can relax into our own 'beingness' the more we realize we are not victims in the universe but were are at cause in the universe.

Sure, there are certain lessons to be learned, but when we lose our center we begin to feel like victims of a cruel God. If you are in a hurricane the chaos and confusion are overwhelming. Once we reach the eye of the storm, we become clear.

As we become centered in our own true self the lessons we are going through are revealed. The first step is recognizing the lesson. Once the lesson is learned, it need not be repeated.

Gradually our inner strength and contentment grow. The Chaos of the mind is replaced by the fullfillment of the heart.

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Jerry L. Pianka
Mountain View, CA - USA

I have a hard time getting over my anger at God, when some of the best people get hit the hardest. They don't deserve it. Is Is this God punishing them for some past, karmic deed?