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December 22, 2010 - 10:52am

Salem, you are clearly a very sensitive and caring person. It's crucial for people with our kind of multi-sensory sensitivity to learn (and be attentive to) our personal, psychic boundaries. It's important for us to create filters that allow in only that which enlightens, empowers, and elevates us. Always remember to surround yourself with a bubble of white Light! As to receiving information that enables us to help others — read on!

I made a startling discovery one day, around the time that I'd begun the process of fine-tuning the use of my own intuitive gifts. A waitress had just leaned over to serve my meal. Suddenly, I knew that she was having a very challenging time with her teenage son, and was going through a divorce as well. I'd inadvertently merged with her consciousness, and sort of inhaled all that information! Who wants to carry all that stuff around? Ewe.

I have to pay special attention to psychic leaks whenever I find myself in large crowds, or when I take public transportation — moments when I'm intentionally relaxing...going into neutral. It's almost as if my doing so clears space on my psychic hard drive to download from everyone elses'! I might board the bus, train, etc, thinking quite positively about my day...my life...my future. When it's time to get off, I notice that my whole mood has shifted. I'm thinking, "What's the use..."

Try to become observant of the moments when you're "merging." Immediately throw a dose of Light around you and pull back into your own center. As is often the case, simply noticing what's going on in the moment — brings you back into it!

Good luck!
and much love —

Salem Temple

December 22, 2010 - 3:13pm

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I just thought that was how things were. I avoid large public places for the most part for that reason. Being in the moment is one lesson I have been working on, but stopping and recognizing what is happening, and surrounding myself some how never occurred to me. Especially hospitals and funerals, I though that there was not really any way to filter it.

The only way I knew how to filter it, was to shut down. That made me very cold, empty and confused for the years that I went through it, and recently coinciding with meeting you and a few other breakthroughs, I have been coming back online so to speak with my sensitivity. Interestingly coinciding also me getting an internet connection again lol

Life is often a beautiful parade and some how each of us are the main show :)

Each new thing I learn from you is confirmation I am heading in the right direction again, and this time I will know what to do with it better. These keys you have given me here in your reply come just in time, as I have been very very sensitive recently, frustrated a bit, and overwhelmed with the "radio fuzz" so to speak, around me.
I look forward to learning so much more, and thank you so so much for taking the time to reply.

May you be blessed 100x that of which you have blessed me,
peace and love



I am not sure that I will get a reply any time soon, but this site is awesome in many other ways.

I am at a point that has really caused a barrier. When I was very young I asked God to reveal to me what it was like to feel every ones feelings of all time every one ever born. I thought that it must be lonely to carry such and experience alone.

I experienced just a flash, and I fell to the floor. I knew then even more then before, why I came here.

My problem has been that the closer I get to a higher potential I am overloaded with input. Like a computer trying to take in all of the information on the net all at one time.

Any suggestions would be great. :)