Astral Projection Experiences

Submitted by Anonymous on March 18, 2011 - 11:06am

My experiences with astral projecting only occurred in the dream state...I loved the feeling of being able to fly fly right above the tree tops..or jump up from a standing start and glide amongst friends and they would look in atonishment. Unfortuntaely i have not expereinced these realistic flight dreams in years ...


October 16, 2012 - 11:46pm

Some time back i experienced what i now understand to be called"Kairos Time" with another person. Both fully awake, this occured in front of many "witnesses". (Altho they sure didnt see anything - they had ceased to even move.) Without going into too many specifics, i gently touched this other person's back, everything would seem to have been entirely ordinary except that -Believe me, NONE of this would ever even have happened much less in front of other people. Then EVERYTHING disappeared; clothing, sky, asphalt, people, etc. And we were making Love amongst the stars, colors, music....this seemed to go on "Forever". Then suddenly i was continuing to assist in the matter i had approached to do. Except that i have had NO conscious recollection of ANY of this for over 30 years, altho it sounds very much now that the other person remembered everything. Perfectly. One moment i was touching this person in what was to me a strange Certain way, that i had no reason to be doing, but i distinctly remembered watching myself do this, not knowing why i was doing this. Now it seems to me that that Touch was the anchor for me "WATCH THIS" that was a "key" -literally? That speaks to me now, see this DID happen, even while i have had to wait decades for this to be downloaded from somewhere and i have only TRULY accessed it through some form of "meditation". The thing is that "Who" that person was I am only becoming now. I feel like i was always this Being underneath all the dross. Any insight? I was extremely impressed hearing Louise on an old Coast to Coast show tonight. I FELT "see you in another200". Been there, done that, too. Thx.

Everyone's experience with "astral projecting" is somewhat different. I wrote a book called "Dreams or Reality" by W. Marie Dauntain, which talks about my experiences with dreams and spirits; and finding out that what I've be able to do since childhood is called "astral projecting".

I'm curious to know, the experiences others are having with being able to astral project.

What do you do? Where do you take yourself? Do you also experience kind of a shifting of yourself/your spirit into this world where you knowingly are able to manipulate about.

Care to share?