Grieving and Gathering

Submitted by Anonymous on August 14, 2003 - 4:17pm


August 14, 2003 - 4:24pm

What a tragic happening. My heart goes out to the child's parents. With the love of family and friends—and their ability to surrender to a Higher Power—I hope that they will eventually be able to forgive themselves. Would that there were a patriarchal God with a long gray beard who sits in judgment. He would be far more loving and forgiving than we tend to be with ourselves.

Back to your question: it is interesting to contemplate whether people are drawn to energy vortexes on which to build their churches, cathedrals and synagogues, or whether those locations have become powerful because people congregated there over time, coming together on the powerful frequencies of hope and faith.

I believe that wherever people gather with deep emotion, open hearts and higher intentions, powerful energy becomes focused, thoughts are transmited and prayers are heard. It's as if their thoughts and prayers get a synergistic boost that most certainly helps propel a soul along its journey. It has been said that John F. Kennedy barely lost consciousnes when he passed as a result of all the prayers that were said for him.

One would hope that the parents will feel the love from those who gather at the site and will embrace the gesture as a ceremonious one that is honoring the life of their child.

I'm no longer "religious," but i like to sit in old churches and cathedrals. It centers me and give me peace. I'm praying for the parents of that baby.


August 28, 2003 - 9:14am

I have a friend who accidently locked her child in the car. Fortunately, they were able to break into the car in time. You have to really think that the more tragic accidents are part of the soul's plan. Otherwise, life (and death!) just wouldn't make any sense.

Recently a baby died while locked inside his father's car. People are bringing flowers to the parking space where it happened. Others have come to stand at the edge of the space in front of the flowers. Can placing flowers at this particular place and coming to the very place where the baby died be of any use to his soul or is he already restored? Is coming to the place of any use to his parents who are grieving?