When is being fair not being spiritual?

Submitted by Anonymous on August 15, 2003 - 5:58am


August 15, 2003 - 6:02am

There is certainly no honesty in compassion—and the intent or effort to extend it— when actions contradict true feelings. That is, when one acts in a way that he/she considers to be "spiritual" and that behavior falsely represents the emotions and truth behind the behavior, truth and authenticity will certainly be lacking. How can that action be "spiritual?"

We are here to play it all out and address the emotions that arise from our personal issues, observing the triggers and processing the causes and the effects, rather than overriding reality with spiritual posturing. Where does that get anyone, except down an alleyway of greater deception, resentment and misunderstanding.

I support your husband in speaking his truth and standing up for what he feels is unfair. He can be an example to his daughters by further communicating his truth to them in the context of "please remember that there are always two sides," and in a way that doesn't demean their mother. Then he will be a wonderful example of how to deal with conflict in a very real—and at the same time—higher way. He has to trust that the love that he and his children have established will keep their ship afloat, even when it scrapes upon a few reefs along the way.


August 21, 2010 - 2:30pm

One more thing about doing so...I think that as consciousness is expanding, accelerating and shifting in our lifetime, it's becoming easier—and more necessary—to speak one's truth. With the polarization of the dark and the Light in our world, that which does not truly resonate in the soul—or to where one's spirit simply cannot flow—is becoming distinctly, notoriously out of the flow.

Years ago, I was returning an item to a "posh" department store. The salesgirll behind the counter began filling out a return form.

"Reason for return?" she asked, looking up at me. I started to think up a legitimate sounding one, then shifted to my other foot (my authentic self) and said, "I don't need it."

"There's no box for that," she replied, looking back down at the form.

There were few people who'd been standing around and they all started moving in, closer. On the surface, they may have been thinking, "What's going on over here?" I saw it as a cluster of Higher Selves recognizing (and moving towards) the frequency of truth. The soul recognizes truth.

I have an important question to ask about a very difficult situation. Given that my husband's business has seriously declined, he recently won a revised settlement with his ex-wife that reduced her monthly stipend from £750 to £250 per month. We helped her to get an interest only mortgage and basically, agreed to pay it. At the hearing the judge said that if they can't work this out among themselves, the case will need to go to a 2 1/2 hr trial. He also said that obviously, the problem is the she needs money, he doesn't have any money, and that the law can't make a man pay what he doesn't have.

We had a great deal of compassion and offered her £250 to pay her mortgage so she doesn't loose her house even though we still have a £979 per month negative cash flow after that reduction. We also offered her a free cruise that I had purchased, since now she won't be able to afford to go on holiday.

We recently discovered that my husband's step-father who hasn't spoken to him since his mother left him 2 years ago emailed my two stepdaughters, badmouthing their father/my husband. Obviously, he was very hurt and angry. He called her, demanding an apology by noontime for this OR they WILL go to trial on August 28th and she may get nothing.

What do you think is the spiritual answer here? We believe in compassion and give and receive and all that but we don't think it is spiritual to let yourself be abused either. I'd appreciate an opinion on this!