Past Lives Don't Happen in Sequential Order?

Submitted by Anonymous on July 16, 2003 - 5:38am


August 5, 2003 - 4:45pm

Our lifetime is much like an old fashioned filmstrip. Viewing the film one frame at a time gives the illusion of time, yet we all can visualize the movie film as a whole.

When seen from this perspective, it becomes obvious that ALL the frames on the filmstrip are already there. When viewed in sequential order, we can see the story unfold.

Imagine walking in to a library of filmstrips with a multitude of stories taking place at different times and different places. And yet ALL of these filmstrips exist at once.

From this point of view [outside of time], we can see that notions of past, present and future are created by our limited perception of reality.

Yes, is is strange how our point of view can dramatically alter our perception. When we identify with our bodies and become involved in the physical world, the succession of events gives the illusion of time.

However at some point, we will reach the realization that what we now preceive as past, present & future are all actually happening as a simultaneous event, sometimes called the "Eternal Now".

"Experience The Magic"
Jerry L. Pianka
Mountain View, CA - USA

So, this might would explain destiny vs free will......if all occurs simultaneously, then isn't it possible that everytime we make a decision it has already be recorded in the realm "beyond time?"....So the question is....did we cause it or was it predestioned......or...if it is at the same time....both?

This would make a lot of sense because we are so conditioned to think of time as only being linear. The concept of the entire film being here is a very good illustration. Evidently, if everything is occuring NOW, we can view in any order we wish.
Are we all old souls? Very possibly!

How is it that all our past lifetimes can be happening at the same time?