Submitted by illuminator on July 4, 2017 - 8:29am

Living in America gifts us with many blessings.
Here are a few of my own, sacred ones:

* I’m grateful for the freedom to be myself, to express myself fully, and engage in my own (unique) work that is my passion. When I occasionally receive judgment or condemnation from others (succumbing to their own fears) — I live knowing I need not fear persecution.

* I have the freedom to make choices that override ‘consensus reality’ that would have me aspire to celebrity, fame and fortune — and to win at all costs. I’m free to create my own reality and follow my own truth.

* I’m free to employ my own filter that allows me to see good and unity in the world, even when living among those who yield to divisiveness and perceive only separateness.

May your celebration of Independence Day be an occasion for you to give thanks for your own precious and sacred freedoms, bestowed by those who fought long and hard for us to live free —and to be ourselves — in America!