A Different Kind of Memory?

Submitted by illuminator on July 23, 2017 - 1:27pm

I continue to be fascinated with Dr. Alexander’s account of his ’NDE’ in his book, 'Proof of Heaven.' Here's another observation that might relate in some way to a curiosity of mine I've pondered for quite some time.
It has to do with a certain phenomenon I experience when I intuit multidimensional information.

It's the way certain intuited scenes appear to me in consultations, and then it's as if they get stored somewhere in my consciousness — a place that bypasses wherever it is that the brain stores memories. (A scientist/neurologist I am not! (:-

Certain scenes that I’ve viewed in a client's earlier consultation — sometimes even years before — are surprisingly easy to retrieve. It’s not like I’m ‘remembering’ something. (Apprentices occasionally experience the same thing when they ‘merge’ with my consciousness at the start of their phone sessions. Certain scenes they previously intuited come back to them with amazing clarity!)

Dr. Alexander’s description of ‘knowledge being stored without memorization’ really caught my attention. I can also relate to his mention of the vastness of the information he received, although certainly far more vast, intense, and dramatic than what I experience!

“It will take me the rest of my life, and then some, to unpack what I learned up there. The knowledge given me was not “taught” in the way that a history lesson or math theorem would be. Insights happened directly, rather than needing to be coaxed and absorbed. Knowledge was stored without memorization, instantly and for good. It didn’t fade, like ordinary information does, and to this day I still possess all of it, much more clearly than I possess the information that I gained over all of my years in school.”

Does information retrieved 'multidimensionally' then become stored — multidimensionally?

Alexander III M.D., Eben. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (p. 49). Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.