Submitted by illuminator on September 10, 2017 - 11:51am

For years I’ve maintained — and continue to emphasize to my clients — that I never receive ominous or foreboding information that could cause one to contract in fear.

AND…it’s all interpretation.

Two clients just informed me that I apparently picked up on the current hurricanes in their consultations. As usual, my description of those future visions seem curious at the time, given that the future can only be interpreted in terms of what’s known in the present.

(I’ll share another example of this kind of occurrence as we approach this year’s 9/11 anniversary).

Given so many disturbing distractions on the planet at this time — I want to share some imagery I'm using that’s proving to be quite effective in keeping me centered and connected:

The very moment I notice myself contracting in fear or worry, I force myself to divert thoughts to those of gratitude, and then embrace the emotion of love. In other words — I open my heart. (Reaching out to another always works!)

THEN, at that very moment – I imagine myself (my energy) as if resembling a car airbag — it (my energy) suddenly fills the room! That, in fact, is exactly how it feels!

BOOM! I’M BACK IN SYNC! (:-) Serendipitous synchronicities abound!

Trust me — it works!

Prayers all around for Texans, Floridians, Georgians, East-coasters — all of us who are, most def — in this together!