Consciousness and Connectivity

Suggested Subtopics

  • How to Expand Your Higher Self Connection to Everything and Everyone
  • Moving from Head to Heart
  • Soul-to-Soul Communication
  • Telepathic Communication with the Higher Self of Those Who Are Unable to Communicate

There is an invisible force that connects all living things. It’s active and it’s powerful. Once you understand its functionality, it will change your life. You’ll embrace gifts you didn’t know you had — and with them, you’ll create magic in concert with the Divine. You’ll experience life — and your world — in ways you never knew possible. You’ll never again doubt the words, "You are not alone!" — and you'll come to realize that, indeed, you never were.

Louise Hauck is a 'time-traveling' intuitive spiritual counselor who has presented to audiences and consulted for clients internationally for over thirty years. She views beyond the physical dimension where no-time and consciousness exist simultaneously.

She will demonstrate her ability to ‘merge’ with the timeless consciousness of others and see through their eyes in the past, present and potential future moments — and interpret for their loved ones (in the physical and non-physical), pets, and all of nature. Louise is also passionate about giving evidence of our ever-present connectivity to unconditionally loving, higher energies that include the Angelic realm and Elemental world, and certain religious icons.

Louise also has a lot to say about telepathic communication with those afflicted with the symptoms of dementia, autism, coma, stroke, and other disabilities that inhibit connectivity through verbal communication.

[When prearranged with program directors, Louise is happy to do random 'tuning-in' for audiences following her presentations to demonstrate many principles covered in her talks.]

Louise P. Hauck - Futurist and Intuitive - Author of Beyond Boundaries, Heart-Links, Fearless Future, and Streaming Consciousness. Her work has been endorsed by Gary Zukav (Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Seat of the Soul), Peter Russell (Global Brain, From Science to God), and Dr.Larry Dossey, (Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine).

Workshop: How to Access Your Own Timeless Connectivity

Louise enjoys showing others how to increase their own personal connectivity. Join her in this workshop one learn how to 'go from head to heart' and communicate with the higher self of others, and access highly intuitive, multi-dimensional information for yourself and others!

She will share recent findings involving remote viewing (transmitting images telepathically), time travel, soul-to-soul telepathic communication, connecting with loved ones in the 'non-physical' — and those challenged with the effects of dementia, autism, coma, stroke. While demonstrating her own gift of 'sight', Louise will position you to receive highly intuitive information. You'll learn to expand and utilize your own natural abilities in ways that empower and improve your life.

Louise will show you how to —

  • Out-smart the doubting, rational mind
  • Shift from logical decision-making to intuitive ‘reception’
  • Receive, 'de-code' and translate intuited, multidimensional information in this 3rd dimensional, time/space-oriented reality.
  • Out-smart the doubting, rational mind
  • What takes you out of alignment — and how to get back in.
  • Receive clearer guidance and ask for daily demonstrations.
  • Increase your daily dose of serendipitous synchronicities and cosmic winks.
  • Experience Higher Self communication for mediation and conflict resolution.