Streaming Consciousness

Have you ever wondered where highly intuitive information originates? It exists in the Stream of infinite, timeless consciousness. This information is available to everyone — once you’re in the flow.

Louise Hauck is a ‘time-traveling’ intuitive spiritual counselor who will demonstrate how to access this flow of information that extends beyond time — past, present and probable futures — and beyond the physical dimension where loved ones reside. She shares convincing evidence of telepathy existing as an integral part of this flow. It’s an easily accessible means of communication that connects all living things. (Louise shows this by intermittently ‘tuning-in’ to audience participants.)

By now, many spiritual seekers find themselves flowing in the Stream with greater ease, experiencing serendipitous synchronicities and powerful manifestations as daily occurrences. They're ready to dive deep and explore the nature of multidimensionality in consciousness – how to receive, process, and decode multi-layered, vast and nuanced information on this deeper level. Louise helps participants better understand this place of expanded consciousness.

When pre-arranged by producers and program coordinators, Louise does 'spot' readings in audiences as a way of taking participants behind the scenes to show how she utilizes her gifts-of-the-spirit—that others might better trust their own!

Louise P. Hauck - Futurist and Intuitive - author of: Beyond Boundaries; Heart-Links; Fearless Future; and Streaming Consciousness. Her work has been endorsed by Gary Zukav (Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Seat of the Soul), Peter Russell (Global Brain, From Science to God), and Dr.Larry Dossey, (Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine).

Workshop:Streaming Consciousness — Experiencing Multidimensionality

Louise will be your tour guide for this workshop, escorting you into the gentle flow of the Stream that moves easily to the past, to the future — and to the non-physical dimension where loved ones reside. She will discuss how you can experience this amazing connectivity — what facilitates your participation in the flow of the Current of Unity, and once in the flow — how to 'dive deep' and gain access to an infinitive source of information and communication that extends beyond time, this physical dimension — and the illusion of death.

She will demonstrate (and you’ll experience) how telepathy exists as an integral part of this flow, an easily accessible means of communication that connects all living things. You'll learn to expand and utilize these natural intuitive abilities in ways that empower and improve your life — and the lives of others.

Louise will take you through exercises to help you:

  • Out-smart the doubting, rational mind
  • Shift from logical decision-making to intuitive 'reception.'
  • Learn what takes you out of alignment, and how to get back in.
  • Tap into streaming consciousness to perceive beyond the time/space continuum and the illusion of death.
  • Experience telepathic communication with those who are unable to communicate verbally — those suffering from the effects such as dementia, stroke, autism and coma.