Tinkerbell to the Rescue — The Sequel!

Submitted by illuminator on December 27, 2018 - 5:51pm

Last June I posted on my Illuminations Facebook page a reply to a follower who asked how I handle today’s strife. I listed a couple of my survival tools and included a fun story.

It took place one morning when I requested a demonstration, a 'wink' from the angelic or elemental realm — by the end of the day — one that would confirm that they’re in my corner, the way (I often confirm) they’re so present in my clients’ lives. Their response unfolded in a surprising way a few hours later.

I was sitting in the spa chair at the nail salon, owned by a sweet Vietnamese couple. Hiep, the husband, walked by me, stopped and turned to look at me, and then said, “Hi Louise! Hey, you know, you should be one of those ‘fairy ladies’ at Disneyland!” We both exchanged a look of — “Whaa? ...Fairy lady?”

He walked on, looking somewhat bewildered about what he'd just said.

Thank you, Tinkerbells I said, telepathically, to elementals at large.

WELL, yesterday I experienced —


The other day I sat in that same spa chair, and this time, it was Hiep who tended to my tosies. We often have nice chats, and naturally, our conversation turned to the holidays.

Hiep was looking somewhat discouraged, so I asked what was troubling him. He motioned to the far corner of the salon where his young daughter sat, playing a game on some sort of device.

He said, “My wife and I try to teach her good values, but her classmates go against everything we tell her, and this makes her challenge us. She doesn't even believe in Santa anymore!

“How old is she? I asked.

“Seven,” he replied.

“Well,” I said, maybe it’s time that she'd be evolving beyond Santa…”

“Maybe so,” he said, “but now it seems as though she doesn’t believe in anything! I want her to have hope — and to believe in miracles!”

I reached for my iPhone and pulled up my 'wallpaper’ photo of Tinkerbell — the amazing photo taken by a dear friend years ago. Incredibly, she saw a fairy (elemental) on a flowered poppy in a vase across her living room. My friend exclaimed, "You’re SO beautiful! Will you stay there for a minute while I take your picture?“ She reached into the cabinet below for her Point-and-Shoot and took the picture. THE FAIRY SHOWED UP ON FILM!

"OMG," I exclaimed when I saw the photo (though in truth, that exclamatory expression hadn’t yet entered today's lexicon) — "IT’S TINKERBELL!" My friend laughed and then told me ‘Tinkerbell’ was her nickname when she was growing up! (How all the dots always connect in the much bigger picture!)

Through the years I’ve used this photo of 'Tink’ as a sort of spiritual Rorschach test in presentations and workshops. I observe some folks as they shift from heads>to>hearts and see the image through their imaginative, child-self's eyes. They usually respond — "Oh wow!” or “NO WAY!"

I watch others who look at the image in a more rational, analytical, left-brain way. They usually give me a detailed explanation about it must be caused by light refracting or some sort of optical illusion, etc., etc. They're unable to wrap around what they're seeing.

My friend for whom Tink showed up has always had an exuberant sense of awe about life. She radiates light and uplifting enthusiasm for just about everything. She’s has eyes to see such wonders. I believe this is why Tink showed up for her.

Heip was beside himself when I showed him the photo and called his daughter over. "Come quick!" he said.

She walked over and stood beside me at my spa chair. I showed her Tink and told her the story. “Ohhhh. Wowww.” she said.

“— and do you remember what Tinkerbell said to Peter Pan?” I asked. I watched as she pondered this…

"You’ll see it when you believe it!” I said.

Huge smile.

I started to put away my iPhone, but she asked to see the photo again. She stared at it, wide-eyed, for several seconds. She looked over at her (beaming) Dad and smiled. Then she turned and skipped back to the salon couch to resume her game.

You will see it — and so much more — when you believe it!

May you have an AWE-FILLED holiday and upcoming New Year!