When We Try To Look TOO FAR Into the Future

Submitted by illuminator on August 11, 2019 - 12:46pm


Here's MY spin on Joseph Campbell's wise words:

If you're looking TOO FAR down the path before you ...it may mislead you!

Clients often implore me to look WAAAY down the road into their future.

When I 'merge,' and then flow through Streaming Consciousness to travel beyond linear time, I'll drop down into 'potential positive moments,' look around, often chat with the (timeless) higher self of one whom the client has yet to meet, and access helpful memories and insights. This can effectively point them in a new, more joyful direction not thought possible from the vantage point of their present.

HOWEVER, I’m only given information “that’s for [the client’s] highest good to receive” — so quite often, I’m only shown from POINT A >> to >> POINT >> or…oh…C or D.

Here’s how I address the issue in Fearless Future, A Map Through an Uncertain Present:

We tend to view our life’s path as a one-way road, a line that stretches out from point A to point B to C to D and into later time periods…Desperately, we squint our eyes to see down the road to point G, even though that vista might not be revealed until we reach point E or F. Sometimes point E will pull in events that will have a repositioning effect, thereby allowing us to recognize point G.

I know a woman who moved from a very nice apartment to another one with which she became increasingly dissatisfied. “Why did I ever move here,” she lamented. “This one is so much smaller and dingier. Why can’t I live in an apartment like the one I can see across the way, through my kitchen window?”

The apartment that she gazed longingly upon was precisely the one into which she eventually did move. She had to arrive at point F (the undesirable apartment) before point G (the preferred one) was revealed. Point F had a repositioning effect on her journey. In terms of a linear path, this could be viewed as a natural stop along the route.

In terms of a non-linear, grander scheme emerging, the Universe delivers cues at specific junctures. It does so through synchronistic signals and events that are sent from beyond time and space. It is rare these days to hear an awakening soul respond to an amazing turn of events with, “What a coincidence!”

So, if the woman had been able to catch a glimpse of her future apartment, (looking directly from point A to point G) she would have been limited in her ability to interpret what she would see. She might have interpreted it as a residence belonging to someone else, or simply not a possible option. Again, we are only able to interpret through the filter of the present moment. It is a good idea to live with a feeling of expectancy, but without specific expectations.

Moreover, the woman’s resulting move to the ideal apartment might not have been her preference at another time. It was not until it came into view through her kitchen window, at point F, that she could appreciate it.

Many strategic components must configure on our paths before the right timing can occur. These components are less dependent upon specific timing than they are relative to the players and events necessary to come together. All the elements are configured and set in motion from beyond time.

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