The Future Just Ain't What It Used To Be

Submitted by admin on August 19, 2003 - 8:30am

It is not unusual to envision a particular future in which you are playing the perfect part in a script that's written and directed by yourself, supported by a cast of characters that adores you and reflects back your most prized attributes.

A perfect or changed partner might reside there, your children (or others') will have matured and found their way‹unscathed‹and some form of ship will have sailed in, bearing abundance, creative and divine inspiration, spiritual enlightenment and unlimited fulfillment. No matter what is occurring in the present, no matter what has challenged you in the past, that future remains an idyllic constant—a parallel reality of sorts—that will compensate or reward you for all that has come before.

An event such as the September 11th WTC disaster can change your world, and even turn your personal present upside down. At the same time, it can fortify the illusion of your fantasized future as a place to run to, where you can hide in safety, away from terrorist threats or the unexpected. It is a "fantasy island" to where you can escape when unfathomable events and private disappointments make present reality almost too much to bear.

When you fuel your version of a future fantasy—influenced by "consensus reality" and by your fears—you disconnect from present and vital truths that bear marvelous gifts. Spending time in that future, you vacate the premises of the present, where the Universe cannot find you to "deliver the goods."

Much of Louise Hauck's professional life as an intuitive spiritual counselor is spent where time truly does not exist. Her multi-dimensional, multi-sensory gifts allow her to explore the past, present and most positive probable futures‹all which are occurring simultaneously‹beyond our perceived illusions of linear time and death.

An inspiring and entertaining presenter, Louise will show you how to create the most relevant, expansive and joyful future by turning your attention to the present, through which you can change the past and influence your best future. She will demonstrate how to open up corridors to the past through which you will receive the gifts from your challenges, and to a future from where a higher, expanded aspect of your consciousness—scripted and directed by the Source!—can nurture and guide you in the present.

She will show you where to find the right "frequency on the radio dial" through which to communicate with lost loved ones, beyond the illusion of time and death. She will do all of this by "tuning-in" to the audience intermittently, while she presents.

Louise's life was changed forever when she witnessed the September 11th disaster from her rooftop in Manhattan. The Towers came down and her life got very real. Her past presented itself for revision, the present revealed amazing insights, and a new future began to unfold within a day of the horrific experience. Let her share with you her amazing insights for your own life-changing awareness.