Making Sense of Senseless Events

Submitted by admin on August 19, 2003 - 8:57am

People are desperately seeking answers to important questions in the wake of the NYC World Trade Center disaster. Louise Hauck is equipped to respond.

Louise demonstrates ways to pull the camera—our mind's eye—back, intuitively, to view life from in the context of a much bigger picture. From this perspective, she helps others to view death as an illusion. Death does not exist. She shows that we are here to experience this physical dimension—to be challenged—in ways that will further our soul's evolution. Louise will address such questions as:

Life After Death?

Of course, sudden physical loss is painful. Quieting ourselves and allowing in the pain promotes expansion and healing. In that quiet, we ourselves can become intuitive "receivers" of specific information, messages from loved ones. Louise offers guidance in how to help others, and identify the "synchronicities" which despite the trauma, confirm that a Bigger Plan is unfolding!

What do I do with the anger & vengeance I feel toward the perpetrators?

It is only by accessing and processing our own personal emotions about this event, by reaching deeper within ourselves that we can get to the root of our personal darkness. This is the only way that we can avoid reflexive reactions of judgment, hatred, bigotry, and vengeance.

Can I do anything to assist those who have died?

We are energy, and we beam telepathic signals to each other all the time, beyond time and the illusion of death. I knew that my telepathic signal did reach those who left their bodies at the moment of the collapse of the second tower. Your prayers and thoughts will reach the thousands who have died in the last few days, as well as those who remain.

Will people ever feel connected, trusting of life—and The Source—again?

Louise demonstrates ways to re-connect with the Truth of a Higher Power. We've all had specific moments of feeling embraced by something greater, but did not define it as such. By accessing these specific moments—existing beyond time—we find them to be touchstones, readily accessible in moments of despair. Louise is able to intuitive access these "gemstones" for others.

Evidence of Eternal Soul Energy

In this program Louise will give evidence that your soul's energy is eternal, retrievable and readable at any point in time—past, present and the most probable future. She will teach you specific tools and provide hands-on experience to help you connect to your own, unique expression of your highly intuitive, multi-sensory gifts.

Practical Metaphysics

Operating from a new time-perspective, Louise teaches practical applications of metaphysical ideas. Through the use of her gifts, she demonstrates how to take clues from the Universe and become attentive to its ongoing, synchronized communication. Releasing into this "flow" is empowering and life-changing.

Louise's presentations are enlightening and entertaining. Her teaching is peppered with demonstrations of her multi-sensory gifts. She randomly "tunes in" to the audience and reports back from beyond time and death. Certain events from the past and/or lost loved ones make themselves known to her to accelerate a particular healing and to shift ideas in the present.

All of this occurs naturally and in an effort to fully attune participants to the present and empower them to take hold of their future. Louise maintains whole-heartedly that we are all here to become highly intuitive beings in this lifetime. In creating a safe and trusting environment, Louise encourages participants to trust, observe and accelerate their own expanding perceptions. This use of her gifts positions her as a representative, mirroring the abilities of our evolving highly intuitive, multi-sensory future selves.

Participants in Louise's audiences often experience an "entrainment" effect, whereby they report an awakening or an amplification of their own intuitive abilities, following a demonstration.