Living Outside of Linear Time

Submitted by admin on August 19, 2003 - 9:04am

Time truly does not exist, except in the way that we witness it. Through our perceptions, we experience still scenes that are not moving through time. Rather, this is our consciousness moving through these scenes, creating the perception of movement and time according to what our consciousness can perceive.

All of past, present and future is existing now. This is how Louise Hauck—through expanded perceptions—is able to hold scenes of past and future, including non-manifested possibilities. It is not because she can create them, but rather, because her consciousness becomes aware of them. In consultations, she guides a client through various instrumentalities to become aware of those potentials, according to the need for his/her consciousness to grow as a result of shifting these experiences. All beings that advance will come to understand how this is possible, one way or another: scientifically, or on the spiritual plane of awakening.

Princeton physicist John Wheeler coined the term "black hole" to refer to collapsing stars that crunch not only matter but also the space around it, bringing time there to an end. "Time cannot be an ultimate category in the description of nature," he declares. "'Before' and 'after' don't rule everywhere." They exist simultaneously on Louise's visionary "radar screen."

You are involved in an intimate relationship with time. Your future is not set in stone. The way that it exists at this moment is relative to your relationship to—and interaction with—your perceptions of your present and past. The movie, "Frequency," was a fun demonstration of this concept. Each time the young man's father—existing beyond time and death, in the "past"—made a different choice (changed something in the past), it affected the future. It was from the future that his son was able to reach him, once he found the right frequency on his father's old ham radio dial. Then he traveled beyond time. He created a corridor from the future to the past.

This is precisely what Louise Hauck is able to do. She goes to a particular frequency in herself, accesses the right frequency on the "radio dial" that expands her perceptions beyond a linear observation of time. Then she creates corridors from the future to the present, past, and other lifetime spaces. She does this for the purpose of facilitating transformation, healing and empowerment, as well as to demonstrate how spiritually awakened individuals are able to do the same.

Louise will show you how this is done, in an extremely entertaining, healing, instructive and interactive presentation. She will demonstrate an ability to intuit a specific, troublesome issue that exists for a subject in the present, pull a thread from there to a co-existing moment in the past—in that person's childhood—open up that corridor, then reposition the child beyond time. She then pulls the thread forward through time (while giving examples of repeating patterns, sometimes co-existing as "overlays" in other life spaces) and follows that thread to the most positive manifestation of that shift, now occurring in the future. Once she has created that corridor, she "hangs out" in that future moment for a bit, describing details that her subject is experiencing in that specific future physical environment. She scans his/her contrasting perceptions of future and past—"what's new and different"—for that person in that moment.

Additionally, loved ones often join in from the "Other Side"—the non-physical dimension that also exists beyond time—to assist with this process, when they are able to facilitate. Participants in Louise's audiences often experience an "entrainment" effect, whereby they report an awakening or an amplification of their own intuitive abilities, following a demonstration.