Your Fourth Dimensional Self: Accessing the Link

Submitted by admin on August 19, 2003 - 9:09am

We are in the midst of a tremendous acceleration in the expansion of consciousness, causing dramatic shifts in our perceptions of time and space, and of death. It is crucial for us to open up to this momentum of change and thereby facilitate our evolution into highly intuitive, "multi-sensory" beings.

It is necessary for the survival of our species that we trust our own ability to perceive beyond linear time, and to receive information that is available from beyond what we now understand as the "illusion" of death.

It is possible to learn to create a corridor that connects you to the fourth dimension, where past, present and probable future all exist, simultaneously. This is where you exist in complete communion with your Higher Self, an aspect of your consciousness that knows and perceives all, co-creating with The Source. This is where you and your loved ones exist, beyond death. Louise Hauck will show you how to build that corridor.

Louise's clairvoyant abilities allow her to retrieve information that is highly relevant to her clients' day-to-day lives. Her insights promote transformation and healing in the past (that is still existing), revelations that re-position clients in the present and provide access to more positive outcomes—alternate realities—in the future.

In creating a safe and trusting environment, Louise encourages participants to trust, observe and accelerate their own expanding perceptions. This use of her gifts positions her to be a reflective mirroring of our evolving highly intuitive, multi-sensory, future selves.

Louise's presentations are enlightening and entertaining. Her teaching is peppered with demonstrations of her multi-sensory gifts. She randomly "tunes in" to the audience and reports back from beyond time and death. Certain events from the past and/or lost loved ones make themselves known to her to accelerate a particular healing and to shift ideas in the present.

Participants in Louise's audiences often experience an "entrainment" effect, whereby they report an awakening or an amplification of their own intuitive abilities, following a demonstration.