Technical Requirements

Technical Preliminaries for an online meeting:
Technology has caught up with our needs! Moving forward in 2020: 'Zoom' will be used in future IAS classes. It gives us the functionality of video conferencing, text messaging, and breakout rooms where you'll pair up in intuition exercises.

Equipment that you'll need:

  1. You'll need a fairly fast computer Internet connection (cable or DSL). If you'll be using an iPad or iPhone — 'there's an (Adobe Connect) app for that!' There may also be one available for Android devices.
  2. Wifi connections are subject to a number of interferences and bandwidth spikes/lags, so a wired connection is recommended. This means that if you use a cable connection if at all possible, you'll need to plug your Internet cable directly into your computer, rather than into your wireless router. (Adobe needs a steady flow of bandwidth). This will give you more bandwidth and help prevent audio time-delay. (If you' we say —'borrowing' bandwidth for your wireless connection — well, somehow we'll cope...)
  3. Browser: the program you use to access the internet and view web pages on your computer. When utilizing Adobe Connect, Firefox works best (easy to download), Safari should be okay, but you might have problems with Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Things you'll need to do before we meet:

  1. Dig up a pair of external earphones. (A set may have come with your cell phone). This prevents the echo issue that can be an annoying distraction for all participants.
  2. Go to Adobe Connect Test Page. You'll be taken through a few easy steps. The "Add-in" gives you video capability, and you'll find out if your computer is up to speed.
  3. Once you've received payment (or reservation) confirmation, you're welcome to visit the room to get a feel for the Adobe environment before your meeting. Enter the room by clicking the link in your confirmation email. (Adobe may change this timed, no-host availability in the future).
  4. Sign in as a 'guest' — with your first name and last initial.
  5. Please arrive 10 minutes before meeting time. You'll find further instructions posted in the room, once you've entered.