Expanding Awareness


CT in NM

Just wanting to thank you for using your skills/talents/insights and awareness to help me, as well as all those who are fortunate enough to benefit from your offering of your service.

It is truly magical to feel the largesse of that which we are in the midst of, to which you provide access. 

Expanding one's awareness to realize the closeness of those who have passed from our tiny bit of awareness is soothing and truly magical in many ways.

Thank you for showing people (me included) that grieving loss can be balanced  by another layer of life awareness. I feel that the gap between loss and gratitude was narrowed by your help. I find my appreciation of my wife is accelerated by not having the distraction of her physical presence. A perspective I wish I was better able to have during our physical time together, yet is a blessing to have at all, regardless of the pain present from loss. 

I look forward to listening to the consultation more and increasing my awareness of it's significance.