'Simultaneous Awareness' — and Dr. Leo Galland's book, 'Already Here"

Submitted by illuminator on March 7, 2018 - 9:12am

I recently expressed my gratitude to Dr. Galland (posted on my Facebook page) for helping me understand a phenomenon that occurs all the time for me in consultations: 'Simultaneous Awareness.'

In his lovely book Dr. Galland describes how Christoper, his 'non-physical' son, transmitted to him some incredible wisdom, and all he'd accomplished in his lifetime as a developmentally disabled child. Chris was forever challenging consensus reality and probing others — sometimes in very annoying ways! — to expand and see life from new perspectives.

Dr. Galland's summary: "Christopher’s wisdom was revealed to me in three gifts, which I call the Gift of the Opposite, the Gift of Presence, and the Gift of Timelessness. I came to realize that these gifts were not intended for me alone. They contain ancient wisdom, held sacred in many traditions, and Chris intended for me to share them with others. Already Here was written under his direction."

Galland M.D., Leo. Already Here: A Doctor Discovers the Truth about Heaven . Hay House, Inc.

[For those who don't subscribe to Facebook, here's how I relate the concept of simultaneous awareness to my work:

"It's so gratifying — exciting, really! — when I find explanations that help me understand what I'm actually doing with my intuitive gifts — what my BRAIN is doing — when I pull in the multidimensional, timeless information I receive in consultations, attempt to decode it, and then do my best to verbalize it all coherently BEFORE IT SLIPS AWAY!

Over the years, more than one caring person has suggested that I try to slow it down.

One friend said, "Some clients may even lose you at the beginning, after you take the deep breath together, and then you announce that you'll recite an invocation...and then — OFF YOU GO... leaving them back there, wondering, "What's an invocation?"

I replied, "Okay...so imagine that the moment you take that deep breath, you find yourself suddenly having a chat with their deceased partner WHILE looking down a potential new path leading from their challenging present WHILE simultaneously finding yourself eavesdropping in on a potential FUTURE conversation that person is likely to eventually have with someone they have yet to meet! OF COURSE I have to talk fast!"

I recently found a superb explanation for this phenomenon, called 'simultaneous awarenes' in #DrLeoGallands wonderful book, 'Already Here':

"Psychologists who have studied simultaneous awareness never dismiss it lightly. They see in it an instantaneous processing of so many different inputs that the rational executive function of the brain can’t possibly sort it all out. They’ve concluded that simultaneous awareness expresses itself as intuitive thinking. It’s the origin of intuition. Intuition is based on simultaneous awareness in the same way that analytical thinking is based on sequential awareness.

"According to neuropsychologists, intuition requires a perception of “the whole picture,” or the total problem, by seeing all its parts at once. Its conclusions may be right or they may be wrong, but the process is instantaneous. Intuition, like Presence, cannot be willed or planned, because there’s too much going on at the same moment for the executive functioning of the brain to guide it.

"I’d never thought of [his deceased son]Christopher as being intuitive, but his uncanny ability to instantly sense each person’s beliefs about themselves fit the description of intuitive understanding based on simultaneous awareness. Living that way, he’d be perfectly at home in God’s moment. I wasn’t."