~ Monday Mini Moment ~ August 2015

Submitted by illuminator on August 9, 2015 - 10:50am

In a recent href="www.louisehauck.com/services/minis">Monday Mini, a participant came online looking quite sad. When I tuned into her frequency, I sensed she had been feeling ambivalence and confusion about a decision, quite possibly involving medication. Suddenly, the gal's sweet moppy-faced pup jumped up to lie beside her on the couch, nuzzled her owner, and then looked straight into the webcam. There were now two faces sharing a Skype square.

"Oh!” I said, “Your doggy has something to say.” I explained to her that the dog was communicating telepathically. ”She’s saying she's ready to...go?" I said, trying to put the pup's thoughts and feelings into words.

"My goodness," the owner replied, stroking her dog, ever-so-tenderly. "Today she was diagnosed with a brain tumor." I could tell she was trying hard to be strong. She said she was wrestling with what to decide — whether to go ahead with aggressive chemotherapy and medications to prolong the old dog’s life a bit, or to let her go.

The dog's next telepathic message was clear and adamant: "I don't want to be throwing up again."

This comment made sense to the owner. "She’s a breeding dog,” she explained. “Years ago, she was on fertility medication that made her vomit! It was terrible. I guess she doesn't want to go through that again. I can't blame her." The gal thanked me for the message, and I moved on to the next participant.

The following day I received an email informing me that the gal had euthanized her beloved dog that morning. "She went easily...peacefully," the note said. "I'm grateful I was able to respect her wishes."
We never know what's in store for those who show up in the Monday Minis. We're all in this together ~ and that includes our fuzzy friends.