Back 'Online'

ST in CO

Thank you so very much for everything Louise! I have had a wonderful time so far and look forward to continuing, and I will keep you informed as to when that may be. I feel that I am back "online" spiritually, and actively bringing balance to the streaming timelessness of consciousness.

Additionally I wanted to share that I have been adapting a few of the exercises we went over, for example: ..I stepped into the "no-time-zone" as you have called it, and met with all the people who have caused me embarrassment or shame or ridicule, past, present, and future. I selected a grassy field in the no time zone and we "buried the hatchet". I find that its a place I have had to familiarize myself with and return to when old ideals pop up. Not to rebury the hatchet, just to recall that I let go and to put my ego back in check.

You are an inspiration, a wonderful mentor!!
I look forward to talking with you more, and/or working with you in anyway in the future.

Love and Peace—