Journey of Deeper Knowing

V.G. in CA

I wanted to make sure you know how much I have appreciated our time together as we head into our last official apprenticeship session. As we began in August, I was a grieving widow still trying to make sense of it all and desperately needing to learn how to heal. I wanted to experience positive grieving which intuitively I knew was possible but didn't know fully how to go about it.

What I encountered instead was far too many examples of unhealthy grieving that goes on and on and drains rather than empowers as a result of the experience. Now in retrospect I more that ever realize what an amazing gift was given to me in knowing and working with you.

Not only did I learn to grieve in a positive manner but I know beyond a doubt that I am fully connected with Kurt and always will be, what a beautiful knowing this is for me. It has made a world of difference! God doubly blessed me because in the process of finding a way to heal from my loss I received a bonus which I hadn't anticipated. Through your apprenticeship program a whole new world of deeper knowing has opened up for me.

I am sensing the world around me in a whole new exciting way. The most wonderful part is knowing that I'm just beginning on this journey of deeper knowing. I consider you one of the most significant and influential mentors I've ever had. I feel so incredibly blessed and needed to convey that to you during this wonderful Christmas season.

May you have a very warm and beautiful Christmas.