"Good Morning Arizona" interview

Listen to the cute response from the anchor gal, when Louise's mentions the amazing turn of events in the story, "Snowman Poop," from her book, Heart-Links.

"Good Morning Columbus" Interview

Another supportive interview with "old friends," anchorpersons Terri and Chuck. Watch Louise "tune-in" to one of the crew.

"Piggybacking" On Her Frequency!

Louise describes how a "non-physical" loved one was able to "piggyback" on her client's frequency during her presentation for Chicago's Equilibrium, Energy & Education in Sept 2010.

'Dark Harvest' 2012 Online (Pre) Radio Interview

Louise enjoyed her guest interview with Dan Morro on his new show, "Dark Harvest" — a timely title as we're about to head into Fall! Dan's energy is fresh, and Louise found his questions to be wonderfully inquisitive, opening up the discussion to a number of fun and interesting topics!

Here's Louise's pre-interview video, the suspenseful story she refers to — and here's the recording from the "Dark Harvest" interview!

1998 Leisure World TV Interview

Here's a vintage video from 1998 interview with Louise at Leisure World in So. California

His Mother Sent Him a Recipe—From the "Other Side!"

Louise tells one of her favorite stories during an evening of "Readings in the Round" in Sacramento—a message that came from a participant's (non-physical) mother during an "RIR" in Columbus, OH, several years ago.

KLEW TV 2012 Interview — Flipping the Intuitive Switch

Louise gives an example of how she intentionally turns of her intuiting switch when 'off duty' — but at times it inadvertently flips back on!

KLEW TV 2012 Interview — Left-brain vs. Right brain

Louise talks about the key to right-brain intuiting!

KLEW TV 2012 Interview — Fun With Apprentices

Louise lights up whenever she talks about her work with apprentices!

Louise's (vintage)1996 TV Appearance on the 'Other Side'

Louise was a guest on this 'time travel' segment of the show. Jenna was a client who joined her to report about conversations she'd had with her future grandchild from the year 2020!

Louise's 1996 'Inner Voyage' Interview

Louise presented on several 'Inner Voyages' in the past. Here's she's interviewed by the host of 'Inner Views."

Louise's 2010 Presentation to the Inside Edge ~ 'How to Let Your Spirit Move You"

This has been one of Louise's favorite venues, where spiritually awakened seekers meet on the UC Irvine campus at 6am!

Louise's 2011 Inside Edge Presentation

Louise always enjoys returning to this excellent venue in Irvine, CA!

Louise's 2016 Fall Travel Trailer

Louise had lots to share from her Fall travels to US cities and to Tuscany!

Louise's 2018 Fall Travel Trailer

Lousie was on the road again, conduting fun 'RIR's and meeting wonderful new people and clients!

Louise's Favorite Angel Story

Louise loves to tell the story of how she relayed a message to a client—from Archangel Michael! She was speaking to the Sacramento Learning Exchange, a favorite speaking venue for many years in the past.

Seattle's East West Bookshop 2013 'Tuning-In' - Part 1

Audience participants often arrive with expectations that they'll hear a 'magic word' or phrase from a loved one that will convince them of Louise's authenticity and the validity of the messages. Louise had just discussed this with her audience, adding that she —and 'they' — do not like to be tested, and that love ones come with their own agendas! And then THIS happened...

Seattle's East West Bookshop 2013 'Tuning-In' Part 2

Louise loves to demonstrate how we all have access to infinite information in Streaming Consciousness — beyond time and the non-physical dimension! Every-so-often she'll pull in information that fits for TWO OR MORE participants, all the way down a list of matching features!

Souls Who Are Born—Remembering!

This year at the Sacto Learning Exchange, Louise shared one of her best examples of souls who project specific scenes—"sneak previews"—of moments that will be occurring after their birth—before they enter this linearly perceived time/space continuum.

Straight From The Horse's HS!

Louise taps into "streaming consciousness" and interprets telepathically for a participant's horse during a presentation at Chicago's Equilibrium, Energy & Education. "Sharp object?—It was the spurs!" the owner exclaimed, later recalling that she'd recently made the comment (in earshot of the horse)—that she might use them at the upcoming dressage competition!

Straight From the Horses' Mouth!

Louise relays a message (telepathically) from the Higher Self of a horse belonging to an audience participant. She came to realize the horse was cautioning her not to use spurs at the upcoming competition! He’d overheard her communicating her intention to do so.

Telepathy Happens to Everyone!

Louise gives an example of how we're all pulling information—telepathically—from each others energy fields—all the time! She was speaking at the 2010 Seattle Women's Show.