'Monitoring the Perimeter' ~ The SEQUEL! ~

Submitted by illuminator on September 7, 2020 - 10:00am

Now and then, I post one of my favorite angel stories, a reminder that messengers from the angelic realm are wonderfully attentive and responsive — they truly have our backs! (http://louisehauck.com/news/angels_monitoring)

That particular account tells how an angelic messenger signaled me while I sat, waiting to receive the client’s call and begin his phone consultation.

Well — THERE’S A SEQUEL — to ‘Monitoring the Perimeter!’

Sometime last year, I was consulting for a new client in Portugal over the phone. While ‘downloading’ the initial information I intuited, once we were in sync with that initial deep breath and my invocation, I began describing multidimensional impressions I was receiving the best I could, limited, as usual, by our necessary verbal way of communicating in this physical realm.

I could see the client shines like a bright Light, oscillating on a higher frequency of love and healing. (I later learned she’s a professional natural health practitioner.) I was also shown that she had intentionally — or unknowingly — projected Light around the perimeter of where she lives. Then I viewed a vacant lot nearby, and a scene of bulldozers leaving the area.

Once I relayed all this to my client, she told me that she loves where she lives. She also adores her neighbors who live in the building. She said, yes, she routinely envisions that she’s surrounding the entire residence (and all who live there) — with loving, protective Light.

She confirmed that there’s a piece of land just over the fence, next door, that was up for development. It was a dreaded plan for residents living in the area, anticipating disruptive construction noise, and an unwelcome change to the neighborhood.

She said that one morning, for some unexplained reason, she saw that all the construction equipment was gone. She figured the contractors had changed their plans....perhaps some zoning issue...who knows?

“Well,” I said, it certainly looks as though you’re in alignment with higher energies when you surround the perimeter with your Light!”

“Yes,” she replied, “I guess I tend to do that automatically these days, throwing Light around those (and the territory) I love! — always with intentions that everything unfolds for the greater good!”

It was such a pleasure to confirm for this new client, the power of her loving energy, that higher frequency projected outward and around her residence.

I know how it feels to send out a circle of Light, automatically. I’d put myself in a bubble of Light the minute I’d step onto a subway train when I live in NYC — and then I'd surround all the other passengers. 

Many of our perimeters are currently being challenged by dramatic weather conditions. I suggest that you envision a perimeter of Light around your space — and those you love. It will move you, instantly, out of fear, and align you with our angelic friends and other higher energies — not to mention the Source! — all that have our backs!