Interpreting the Future

Submitted by illuminator on September 9, 2020 - 8:39pm

A student from my earliest classes in SoCA and a dear friend recently reminded me that in the late 1980s/ early 1990s, I reported 'seeing' future CA wildfires. 

I seriously don't remember this. I guess I ought to ask my past-self, what else my future-self knows! ?

I typically do not receive ominous, forbidding, or future disaster impressions in consultations  — EXCEPT — when I consult for my client who works for FEMA.

'Merging' with her timeless consciousness, I peer through her eyes when/where she's attending to a future crisis. (It was through her eyes that I saw 9/11 and some other future events). 

Sometime last year, through her timeless consciousness, I watched  a scene that depicted — "a chess board with all the pieces in place."

Then I watched "a gust of wind blowing over all the chess pieces on the board" — and then, "each piece was set aright — with much discussion around each one!"

When my son/webmaster/producer heard me attempting to interpret that future vision every which way, he said to me, "Mom — practice what you preach! DON'T TRY TO PIN DOWN FUTURE INFORMATION!" (Our imaginations truly cannot stretch that far!) 

Time will tell, literally, what that vision meant.

Sending prayers for those residing in / evacuating from CA (and OR and WA) firestorms! ?Also enlisting ✨angelic messengers + higher energies✨ to 'monitor the perimeter!'

Be safe. ?
AND..."you never know what's for what!"