Coming Together on 9/11

Submitted by illuminator on September 11, 2020 - 9:28am

Every year on 9/11, I post this link to a personal account of my experience, watching that surreal specter unfold from my rooftop in Manhattan. (

This year, I couldn't bear to repost the images, when our minds are so full of those showing the ravages of firestorms overtaking the West Coast.

I feel that what we need most right now, is to 'hold that space' of hope for a better future, for our country to come together, the way we did in the aftermath of 9/11.

We felt united in our efforts to rebuild and renew. We transcended political differences to be there for each other, caring, reaching out.

We did it then...and we can do it today.

May we work selflessly to do our part, uniting in our efforts to overcome the pandemic, and listen to Mother Nature's call for better care.

Prayers for the firemen, all the 'good cops' and their families who sacrificed on 9/11 — and now — those brave ones who are rushing in to save our lives and protect our homes and forests.

I continue to envision (and pray for) a better future where truth and authenticity, love and caring will shine through.