October 14th, 2002

John hosts the syndicated TV show, Crossing Over With John Edward.

USA Weekend, October 11-13, 2002

Kubler-Ross, 76, is the pioneering author of On Death and Dying and many other books. During her work with terminally ill patients in the 1960's, she identified the now-famous five stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Originally, she was a non-believer in an afterlife, but her years of work with the dying convinced her of the possibility of communicating with the dead.

December 10th, 2001

I watched from my rooftop in NYC as the events of 9/11 unfolded and journaled the sights and sounds I experienced on that day—and in the days that followed.

Here you can view the mural, "September 11" by world acclaimed Seattle French artist/client Isa D'Arleans.

June 1st, 2001

Louise's Appearance on Good Morning Columbus that aired May 2, 2001 on Channel 3, Fox 28 Columbus OH has been added to the Audio/Video archive page.

September 8th, 2000

Listen to the cute response from the anchor gal, when Louise's mentions the amazing turn of events in the story, "Snowman Poop," from her book, Heart-Links.

March 17th, 1998

Louise will guide you through this journey to help you receive the gifts and illuminate the path you'll travel into the times ahead.

March 17th, 1998

Louise explores the illusion of time with functional applications to help you go beyond old perceptions. This will influence how and when good things come into your life and help you end time-stress. Includes a meditation to help you integrate these concepts.

March 17th, 1998

Valuable tools to help you embrace inhibiting fears and move through old barriers. Release yourself from past patterns to allow you to live life more spontaneously and more fully in the present. Includes a meditation.

January 1st, 1997

Harry worked backstage at Lincoln Center for the New York City Ballet and Opera. He wasn't the first 'light technician' who became my friend! (More about Harry in a future compilation of personal stories...)

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