Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

Submitted by illuminator on January 17, 2018 - 10:45pm

I recently posted on Facebook the CIA 's 1984 Mars Exploration remote viewing experiment, conducted at the Monroe Institute, founded by Robert Monroe.

Monroe wrote Journeys Out of the Body,’ in which he chronicles his own series of unexpected 'OBE's (out of body experiences) and shares his earliest, perfected method.

I often used Monroe’s method in my earliest metaphysics class in the early 80s. I’d take my class through his prescribed steps, everyone lying comfortably on my living room floor (following some preliminary relaxation), and always found his progression of steps to be quite effective.

I’d actually watch my students leave their physical bodies — some, as if rolling out sideways (the way one might do in one’s sleep), and others, heading out in their astral bodies — head over heels!

I once guided the class (following 'lift-off') in their astral bodies, back to their homes. I then instructed them to check their answering machines, and take notice of how many (if any) messages had been left there in their absence. This was a fun way for each of them to confirm (for their physical selves) after class — that they had, indeed, astral projected home that evening.

Years later, while living in Boulder, CO, I was consulting for a new client, when I announced the presence of a soul (in the 'non-physical') — “He says you knew him as, ‘Robert.’ He wants you to know that he’s ‘sitting on the bench with his wife!’”

Turns out — the gal had worked with Robert Monroe at the Institute. They’d have subjects astral project to ‘the other side’ and sit on a bench to meet with loved ones. She said that Robert grieved deeply for his wife when she passed.

WHO KNEW! Robert Monroe was signaling to his protege, that HE was now visiting happily — on the bench — with HIS beloved!