How to Let Your Spirit Lead the Way!

Submitted by illuminator on April 11, 2018 - 12:11pm

I'm hearing that some clients are feeling crunched for time, given all they're needing to accomplish within a short period. I offer them a technique I've used for years, a way to move forward — in the flow!

Let's say you find yourself passing by your desk on your way to the kitchen, excited to try a new recipe, or perhaps you're heading to the workshop to continue with a project. You spot all that unfinished business taunting you — bills to pay, calls to make, whatever needs your attention — but your heart's simply not in it. It's not the time! Your spirit is pulling you elsewhere!

Try this!

Pause for a moment at your desk, just long enough to take inventory of that to-do list. Scan all the items, as if dropping them onto an internal radar screen. Then continue on in the direction your spirit was leading you.

Having scanned all those tedious items, you essentially tossed them into a magical stream that flows beyond time, wonderfully in sync with your spirit that does not operate within the confines of linearly-perceived time.

Later on in the day, you'll likely find yourself back at your desk, nearing completion of the dreaded stack of unfinished business — and you can't recall having decided to go there! You're wondrous spirit moved you there — in the flow!

Try it — it works!