Intuitive Life Coaching

Testimonials from people who have participated in the ILC program.

Pulled By Spirit

MB in CT

I was thinking of you, our work together, and something I'd once wondered — how you've led your life. You spoke often of spirit pulling you to one new geographic location or another. This seemed to me to be a kind of whimsical way to live: From my own experience roots were important. I wanted to see the world myself, but I always felt Connecticut was my home. As much as I like the area where I lived in Virginia, I am now very relieved and excited to be pursuing a course which will allow me to stay in what I have always considered my true home. But here is what I realized:

Following a path that is aligned with Source Energy [to borrow from Ester Hicks] is an addictive and exhilarating force. I now feel what I believe you have felt for years, which is why you allow yourself to be pulled rather than try to push. To be totally immersed in this energy, your spirit path, carries a sense of fulfillment which is second to nothing. At the same time, I think spirit offers multiple paths of alignment. There is still freedom to choose many courses without pushing against the current.

Moment of Oneness

P.S. in Wyoming

Working with Louise is more enlightening than a visit to a "shrink" and far more relaxing. She shows me how to see the world as a less threatening, more tolerant and loving place. And I remember how to laugh. It begins with a deep breath calling in an omnipotent power and then Louise guides me to see and step into a timeless, stressless approach.

I recommend visits with Louise for anyone who wants to steal away into a moment of oneness with the the universe.

Something In Me Has Changed

ES in Paris

Louise, I have carried your message, your teaching and your kindness with me all year. They have helped me enormously. Somehow, something in me has changed. I live with our sessions and continue to make progress on my path.

Many, many thanks for your wonderful heart and the contribution to my well-being.
You are AMAZING. I do retain the memory of your saying extraordinary things about me, things that I have not even expressed to anyone in my whole life. Your gift is EXTRA EXTRA ordinary.

I love you for being the wonderful person that you are.

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