Other Testimonials

Snow Sorceress

“I learned so much from the (Starseed) podcast show. I had not been aware of you and what you do. Really awesome. I am absolutely going into my higher self to connect with other higher selves and communicate…Just had simply not occurred to me to do that. I tried it right away at a check out and WOW a great connect. Oh…and the other great tips…gratitude, child fulness, etc…Thank you for the lift up." (10.01.13)

I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory — and love love love it. Boy, you don't miss a beat. Not one hesitation. No um's. You handle interviews wonderfully. Thanks so much for sharing this. Coast to Coast sounds like a great station. The broad spectrum of topics you discussed were amazing. Really enjoyed it!

♥ I learned so much from the podcast of this show. I had not been aware of You and what you do. Really awesome. I am absolutely going to get into my higher self to connect with other higher selves and communicate ... Just had simply not
occurred to me to do that. I tried it right away at a check out and WOW a great connect. Oh ... and all the other great tips ... gratitude, childfulness, etc ... Thank you for the lift up. ♥ — Listener to 7.31.12 Starseed Radio Academy Interview

Gina D.

"Hi Louise. Heard you on Coast a few weeks ago and delightedly explored your site. You probably already know this... but you are like a diffuse mystical light in the murk. I'm really impressed by your classy, dignified presentation. You know who you are and your requirements (no low-energy thrillseekers, basically) are very well laid out and reFRESHing in the shark-infested waters of online paranormal endeavor. I love the way you live every moment to raise the vibration of everyone and everything around you, especially with *stealth*..haha... Finally, I loved the way you matter-of-factly said you thought the Mayans just ran out of stones or whatever. I laughed so loud to that one I surely woke the neighbors. --Your Future Student"


Louise, I'm sitting here listing to you 11 days later of your interview on Coast, and am blown away by you and your interview with George. What I feel compelled to say to you is the amount of absolute beautiful love I feel for you, and the love that comes through you. What a wonderful gift for all who listen to George (I don't listen very often anymore) to experience your bright light, love, wisdom, intellect and so on and so on. Not to give you a big head but thank you for being you. Much Love and Light


"I really enjoyed your interview last night. Thank you for the downloads! Very comforting."


"Comforting information. I'm listening to C2C from overseas (Caribbean). Thank you!"


"So nice to hear you Louise. ♥ I'll be inviting people to my 'garden!'"


"You explained everything so clear and easy to understand, thank you!"


"Thank you so much for the gift for the 'Coast' listeners. You have encouraged me to continue with this grieving process. This is another level of this journey. Much love to All of You!"


"You are a remarkable Soul-Thank you for generosity-sharing your gifts so completely and clearly with all. Inspirational!!"


"Hello, and I am so pleased and grateful to have been led to you through the Coast to Coast website and then by a video on YouTube where you spoke at a venue which wasn't given within the description. I have been wishing to come across someone who is a reputable, intuitive, for far too long."

no name

"I was mesmerized listening to you on Coast2Coast on June 29th, 2012!"


"I enjoyed the Coast to Coast show so much last night!! You are amazing and so inspirational Louise!!"

D.C. in UT

"I am a airline pilot by trade. I use my higher self connection all the time at work. I use it to assist in calming the nerves and assuring the passengers of a safe flight. Something in your voice [on Coast to Coast] said for me to inquire about (your work)..."


Thank you for your stories on C2C - I've never heard anyone else, other than myself, speak of the energetic experiences on the NYC Subways - it's a rich & magical playground for energies to play in & was happy to hear your experiences there & elsewhere.

Sharon B.

Dear Louise,

I was fascinated by what I was able to hear of you on Coast to Coast Saturday nite-- I had also just seen "Frequency" and found it absoulutely fascinating--another movie to be proud of!


Dear Louise,

You sound like a fascinating teacher. I'm a nurse healer interested in spiritual growth & natural healing modalities for numerous years.

Thanks so much!

Pam in TX

Hi Louise!

I just enjoyed the dickens out of your show Saturday night! There were some things I wished you could have expounded on! but Bob couldn't really handle. Like all the stuff in the Bible that was removed. The stuff I'd really like to know. Some people like to think that the Bible is the perfect book, with all the answers, ahmen. Too bad.

Mary in GA

Hello Louise

I very much enjoyed listening to you on the radio this morning. I had called in with the question about our lives being charted and which you answered very well. The other question I had was, How do inherited genetics and reincarnation work together? If we are to keep coming back and bettering our selves, wouldn't the genetics inherited, also traits, possibly conflict with the process?


Hi there,

I heard the April 29/30 coast to coast show!

I really appreciated the way Louise kept on track, and finished the stories she was trying to tell, even when others tried to change the subject before she was finished.


I happen to catch a segment of your/her show on coast to coast. enjoyed it immensely, especially what you said about scripture having been interpreted by MAN therefore the info is open to having been corrupted etc.


I found your program most interesting as I completely remember being in the heavenly nursery of souls prior to birth.


Thank so much, I really enjoyed your interview with Bob Lonsberry. He is a very good interviewer. I think as good as Art Bell. I am not so pleased with Mike Seigel. He reminds me to much of the run-of-the-mill gabby type negative thinking everyday talk hosts.

I will be getting your book soon...

Thank you so much!


I enjoyed listening to you on Coast to Coast last evening; maybe next time you're on, the host will be a little calmer and let you finish!

Thank you!