Animal Communication

Pioneer Square + Roxy

They were all over the place during a trip to Portland, OR — talkative pets! I was surrounded by them at pet-friendly restaurants (yes, dogs allowed in some) and just about everywhere I'd walk or hang out. Friendly Portland = Friendly Pets.


I was attending the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, OR and met with a few clients in person. Whenever I hang out with friends, hostesses and coordinators, it’s fairly routine for me to relay messages from their pets who usually rush toward me, first thing, insisting that I pass on a few thoughts to their beloved owners. 

Pets Who Get Their Way!

Pets and babies always catch me off guard when I encounter them in the physical — up close and personal — immediately transmitting to me their favorite things, or specific needs or wants they'd like their owners or parents to know about. I imagine they're able to do this so effectively because they live so fully in each present moment.

On Behalf of a Crated Pup!

Here’s account from Pete, an exceptionally intuitive apprentice. He shared with me his account of a ‘visitation’ he experienced from his dog, Rusty, who passed in 2009 at the age of 17.

Communicating with Strangers, Pets, and Youngins

Now that folks are emerging, cautiously, from their quarantined lives, this extrovert is delighted to make her way back out into the (nearby) world with a passion for chatting up strangers, particularly those resonating on — or those about to come onto — a higher frequency of love and unity..