Louise P. Hauck - Futurist and Intuitive - Author of Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer, Heart-Links, Fearless Future, Streaming Consciousness, and "I'm Still In Here!"

Louise is a 'time-traveling' clairvoyant, intuitive spiritual counselor who views beyond the physical dimension where all time exists simultaneously. You could say that 'time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening all at once.' This is how time is perceived in this dimension, through a lens that makes time appear linear, sequential, chronological. The information Louise receives is becoming increasingly multidimensional—multi-layered in meaning, purpose, and relevancy.

In consultations, Louise scans, and then interprets information accessed in the flow of Streaming Consciousness, an infinite source of information existing beyond the illusion of linear time and this temporal, physical experience. She presents 'another point of view' that shows how her clients' lives can truly make sense. She describes scenes from the past existing in a 'no-time zone,' ones that spell out themes and limiting beliefs that prevent the client from making new, spontaneous choices in the present.

She then re-frames present situations and relates probable future information (positive and preventative)—not as a psychic fortune teller—since living in the future minimizes the potential for new opportunities and relationships. Instead, she interprets future information for purposes that are relevant to the present, and with the intention of pointing her clients in the direction of a more positive, probable future. Louise extends this process in her Intuitive Life Coaching program.

Death is also perceived in a very limited, inaccurate fashion, surrounded by much fearful speculation and old teachings, meant to control humanity through fear. Louise interprets for 'non-physical' souls who have made their transition from this dense, physical dimension.

Louise also interprets telepathically for people who are unable to communicate, but have a lot to say— those living with the effects of dementia, autism, stroke, coma and sustained on life support. She also communicates in this way with infants and elderly, and with souls who've completed their journey to the Light. Louise also interprets for clients' pets.

Louise is an internationally known speaker who presents critical information to help audiences make the leap from spiritual ideals to personal and practical applications of metaphysical teachings for the times ahead. Louise's presentations are inspiring, humorous, and entertaining. She challenges your limited perceptions of time and pierces the illusion—and your fears—about death.

"At one point in my attempt to understand how it is that I am able to see clairvoyantly beyond the illusions of death and linear time, I approached physicists with questions. I was gathering some interesting information when two individuals came forward to caution me, 'You do not need physics or science to define your work! Let it stand alone!'" These two people were the late Willis Harman and Gary Zukav. Peter Russell also supported this bridge between the scientific and the metaphysical, and Larry Dossey, MD, confirmed a shared awareness: "...swimming in the same waters of 'non-locality' and all its variations." All four are authors of important new paradigm books.

Their message has influenced the direction of my work and my writing. I am continually shaping both to respond effectively to a growing hunger folks have today for information that may not be scientifically proven nor quantifiably defined, but which revives their spiritual identity and offers an expanded view of life that is down to earth, practical, relevant and immediately useful."

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