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We can only truly help others when we've walked in those shoes that allow us to relate to what another is experiencing.

Sometimes life just doesn't (seem to ) deliver. It sucks! Louise shares some ideas about how to turn things around.

When you think you ought to do the 'right thing' — but you're really not feeling it...

The Universe is always listening!

Watch the first 'Illuminism' on Louise's YouTube Channel. Subscribers will be notified each time she adds a new one.

Lousie was on the road again, conduting fun 'RIR's and meeting wonderful new people and clients!

Louise had lots to share from her Fall travels to US cities and to Tuscany!

Audience participants often arrive with expectations that they'll hear a 'magic word' or phrase from a loved one that will convince them of Louise's authenticity and the validity of the messages. Louise had just discussed this with her audience, adding that she —and 'they' — do not like to be tested, and that love ones come with their own agendas! And then THIS happened...

Louise loves to demonstrate how we all have access to infinite information in Streaming Consciousness — beyond time and the non-physical dimension! Every-so-often she'll pull in information that fits for TWO OR MORE participants, all the way down a list of matching features!