Louise's Illuminations Book Collection

Here's Louise Hauck's Illuminations Book Collection of her five illuminating books — available now on Amazon!

Now you can enjoy this set of Louse's five books that detail her work as an intuitive spiritual counselor. This collection shares the many aspects of her work that include:

I'm Still in Here!

Louise demonstrates how she been uses Higher-Self communication to reach those suffering the effects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, autism, and stroke. From that elevated level of consciousness they transmit expansive scenes and clear thoughts concerning their needs and preferences, fears, troublesome issues, and attachments. They also convey their awareness of present moments occurring among family members and others around them.

Streaming Consciousness: A Current of Unity

Louise builds upon the concepts of her previous books, merging ideas and pointing readers in a new direction where they learn to navigate in the timeless Stream of Consciousness, receiving and deciphering multi-dimensional information — embedded themes, symbols and images existing from beyond this space-time continuum. Readers are also alerted to a wonderful, inclusive level of connectivity to life and all others, when flowing — in the stream.

Fearless Future — A Map Through an Uncertain Present

Louise's personal journal offers guidelines to help readers maneuver in and around today's world, while expanding their highly intuitive, multi-dimensional, timeless selves and awakening their emerging, greater selves!

Heart-Links, Inspiring Personal Stories That Explore Our Powerful Ability to Communicate with Our Lost Loved Ones

Cynic and seeker alike, for each of these individuals what had seemed to be overwhelming grief ultimately became an opportunity to change in unforeseen ways. And in each case, the lesson is one of indelibly linked hearts: the love and release we express to others at the time of their death and afterward is heard and helps them make a smooth transition.

Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer

In her earliest years, Louise felt compelled to reach beyond the five senses and develop gifts that have been a part of her from her earliest experiences. As she honed and understood them better, it gave her, and continues to give her great pleasure to share them with others. These stories document Louise's life and evolution as a seer.