Fearless Future—A Map Through an Uncertain Present

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Louise Hauck guides you across a bridge that joins the worlds of physical and non-physical reality. Through her work as an international speaker and intuitive, she takes readers and clients to a loving place within themselves, where the timeless soul resides—a place beyond the illusion of time and death. Her insightful guidance minimizes the fear that inhibits and constricts today's world. Louise cautions that decisions and choices made in fear are neither wise nor divinely inspired.

In Louise's third book, Fearless Future, A Map Through An Uncertain Present, her trademark illuminating style convinces us that we can all access our true, multi-sensory and multi-dimensional selves. In this deeply personal journal, Louise takes us to a more authentic place where intuition expands and enables us to receive and interpret new dimensional symbols and images, unchallenged by our usual linear perceptions. Moving beyond the censorship of the rational mind, Louise guides us to our greatest future, no longer impeded by our past. Ultimately, this journey will support greater integrity and reveal our more authentic self.

In the way that Louise's work as a visionary and intuitive 'time-traveler' entertains audiences, enlightens clients and empowers her apprentices around the world, Fearless Future, A Map Through An Uncertain Present will awaken your emerging greater self. You will step out of self-doubt and fear and into to a more enlightened future for humanity. Readers will come to understand how it is possible to create a corridor to a positive future in a way that transforms issues and shifts reality.


"...a roadmap of the challenges that lie ahead in these difficult times...a wise guide..."
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine, One Mind.

"In a world consumed with fear and hate, this book comes as a beacon of light..."
— Gladys McGarey, MD, Medical consultant for Future GenerationsAfghanistan, INTA Humanitarian Award Recipient, and author of The Physician Within You and Born To Live.