2005 Inside Edge: Part 1

Louise always enjoys speaking to this breakfast group of very savvy, early risers. This talk took place shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

2005 Inside Edge: Part 2

Louise continues with her Inside Edge 2005 presentation. (This talk took place shortly after Hurricane Katrina, the year Fearless Future was published).

Being Multi-Sensory in the World

Louise explores what is means to be multi-sensory—the way she believes that our species is meant to shift evolve...in this lifetime! She shares some enlightening ideas from the front lines of this current acceleration and expansion of consciousness.

Breaking Through The Barriers ~ Meditation

Valuable tools to help you embrace inhibiting fears and move through old barriers. Release yourself from past patterns to allow you to live life more spontaneously and more fully in the present. Includes a meditation.

Dark Harvest 2012 Audio Recording

Louise enjoyed her guest interview with Dan Morro on his new show, "Dark Harvest" — a timely title as we're about to head into Fall! Dan's energy is fresh, and Louise found his questions to be wonderfully inquisitive, opening up the discussion to a number of fun and interesting topics!

Earth Mysteries March 2012 Interview

Louise talks about hopping onto Streaming Consciousness with an apprentice and her non-physical (past) client. Later on, a caller asks a provocative question about "the dark..."

Heaven's Not That Far Away

Heaven is really not a place. It's a state of consciousness, familiar to our "non-physical" selves. Louise explores the illusion of death and the "continuum of consciousness" in this informative broadcast.

Introductory Recording — Part One

Louise talks about her intuitive gifts, and how she's learned to use them. This is Louise's original Introduction (in Two Parts). New clients are encouraged to listen to this recording.

KMVR "Earth Mysteries" Interview: Discussing Grief and Loss

Haines Ely is one of my most favorite interviewers. He hosts the "Earth Mysteries" KMVR-FM radio show in Nevada City, CA. Today he invited me to join in a meaningful discussion with Lori Whittiker about grieving and loss. I come in around 22:23, responding to some very good points that Lori has made about purposeful grieving being "the extension of love."

Living Fearlessly

How do we stay out of fear—and live fearlessly—particularly in the face of startling events in our world? This was the topic of Louise's broadcast where she shared some empowering ideas.

Taking Charge

Louise talks about owning your place in the Universe as the highly intuitive being that you're here to be. To consciously "occupy your space" elevates you to a higher frequency, but when you "vacate the premises"—you'll find yourself at a lower "vibe" (literally!) Your reality—and who/what you attract—depends upon whatever frequency you tend to oscillate.

The Aware Show with Lisa Garr

Interviewing with Lisa Garr is always a very engaging radio host on her "Aware" show. Listen to this lively discussion from August, 2005.

Transcending Linear Time

Louise explores the illusion of time with functional applications to help you go beyond old perceptions. This will influence how and when good things come into your life and help you end time-stress. Includes a meditation to help you integrate these concepts.

Visualized Meditation Adventure

Louise will guide you through this journey to help you receive the gifts and illuminate the path you'll travel into the times ahead.