I'm Still In Here — Intuitive Assistance for Caregivers Tending to Those Who Can't Communicate

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For over thirty years in her work as an intuitive spiritual counselor, Louise has routinely interpreted (telepathically) the thoughts of clients' loved ones in the 'non-physical,' as well as those in the physical whose lives are sustained on life-support or in a coma. The remarkable accessibility of nonlocal consciousness enables her to communicate with those souls on a level unaffected by the restrictions and limitations of the physical self, and in some cases, the brain's diminished capacity.

More recently, Louise has been utilizing this Higher-Self communication to reach those suffering the effects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, autism, and stroke. Similar to how the game of Charades is played, they pantomime for her certain scenes from that elevated level of consciousness and transmit clear thoughts concerning their needs and preferences, fears, troublesome issues, and attachments. They also convey their awareness of moments occurring with family members and others around them.

Following these consultations, caregivers often report a decrease in agitated or combative behavior and other outward expressions of anxiety and frustration. Everyone has a need to be heard.

Louise's fifth book presents insights and stories illustrating how, even while playing out our challenges in this physical dimension, we are concurrently existing on a level of consciousness that transcends any and all perceived limitations. Louise welcomes family, friends, and professional caregivers into this new perspective and awareness which includes self-care.

Jaene Leonard contributes centering meditations and affirmations in 'The Caregiver's Corner' to help de-stress and bring caregivers back to center.