Louise uses her clairvoyant ("clear seeing") gifts in Consultations for clients around the world—in person and by phone. (She makes the call for international clients in Europe, Australia and Israel). She takes clients into deeper work through the Intuitive Life Coaching (ILC) program.

Louise also helps apprentices around the world (by phone) to fine-tune their own intuitive abilities in the Illuminations Apprenticeship Program (IAP). The Intuition Advancement Series (IAS) provides the opportunity to experience the IAP exercises in an online web-conferencing format where participants come together as a group to practice and support expansion of consciousness in fun and enlightening ways.

"Group Readings" are delightful gatherings where eight people come together to experience Louise's talents in a group setting. More groups come together in recent times online, in Skype, a fun way for 6-8 friends to share a group session.

Louise speaks to many venues around the world. Her Presentations awaken and enlighten audiences and her 'grounded' approach delivers useful, relevant metaphysical tools. She prefers to empower her audiences rather than to dazzle participants with her gifts. She takes them behind the scenes to demonstrate her own unique intuiting process.

Louise also conducts workshops, often following her presentations. They are a hands-on experience where participants get to feel what it's like to be the receiver of highly intuitive information. Louise delights in positioning them to do so in such away that they literally astonish themselves. Content can include exercises in telepathy, remote viewing, and 'the doors' — a fun way to receive remarkably intuitive information through the higher self of your partner.

In 2014 and 2015 Louise initiated two new online opportunities, each providing an way for clients and people new to Louise's work to sample her intuiting style and receive the equivalent of the 'minis' she conducts in audiences at the conclusion of presentations and workshops: Saturday Questions (offered periodically) and Monday Minis.