Streaming Consciousness: A Current of Unity

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Louise Hauck takes us in an enlightening new direction, building upon the concepts of Louise’s previous books which invite us to share in her experiences as a seer (Beyond Boundaries), communicate with loved ones in the nonphysical (Heart-Links), and open up to the nature of our own timeless and non-local Greater selves (Fearless Future). All of these concepts merge to direct each one of us toward our own unique multidimensional gifts in Streaming Consciousness.

Once navigating in the Stream, we find the Current operating as a unifying force, moving us all into new channels where we chart exciting courses to unexplored horizons. Flowing with ease into a new understanding of our true multidimensional nature, we also gain access to our own God-given intuitive gifts. We’re here to embrace, utilize, and maximize those gifts to live out our most fulfilling lives!

Louise presents a method of intuiting that shows us how to become aware of our participation in the flow of this invisible Stream of energy that connects everything and everyone outside of time in the physical and nonphysical dimensions, She teaches us how we can all receive and decipher multi-dimensional information—embedded themes, symbols and images existing from beyond this space-time continuum. She explains the use telepathy and its effectiveness in communicating with all living beings—including those who suffer from the effects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, Autism, stroke and coma. Non-physical souls who have dropped the body and returned to a state of pure thought are eager to participate in telepathic transfer of thought, all the while confirming the truth about this Stream of consciousness: It is seamless, infinite, eternal.

We're all in this together. We're all in the Stream.