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This was the view out my window in NYC on a snowy day a few months after 9/11. I used to look out and see the Twin Towers in the distance. They sort of anchored me in my day.  Here's the account I post every year.


A few clients have asked if I'm still conducting consultations, since they haven't seen future travel itineraries posted on the Schedule. YES ~ I'm still in business, working exclusively over the phone (and occasionally over Skype or Zoom for international clients). Travel has become prohibitive for various reasons, and many venues where I'd present or be interviewed have closed or are continuing online.

It's never too late to find love...when you go back to where you once felt it! Here's how — in the latest eNewsletter

Occasionally, clients tell me that some information I receive and the words I use to interpret are precisely the same as those I’ve used in the past — even a few years before! I’m always surprised to hear this. All I can say is — “I guess it’s just what’s there!” 

I remember reading somewhere in Eckhart Tolle’s, 'A New Earth' (and I'm paraphrasing)) that "when we define ourselves by our beliefs, the psyche feels it's being annihilated when it encounters an opposing belief!" Isn't that how folks are REACTing these days, in such desperate, divisive, and mean-spirited ways?

Mindful of this, I remember a life-changing maneuver I employed years ago while getting ready to attend a dinner party. I was well-acquainted with the host and knew him to be exceedingly vocal about is religious and political beliefs.

(Summarized from unpublished Personal Stories)

Read in the latest eNewsletter how Louise has managed to get through some tough times, and how those tools can help you!  

I greatly anticipated the holiday season, looking forward to traveling to Israel to visit (and hug) my daughter and nine grandchildren (oh yes!) — all of whom I hadn't seen in over seven years —  and the five great ’grans I’d yet to meet.

As we move beyond the challenging, isolating  time of Covid, many are asking, "Who am I now?" You'll find some illuminating insights to help you sort this out in this Holiday Newsletter.