Saturday Questions

Louise is always looking for ways to make herself (and her work) available to more people in fun and innovative ways. In a brainstorming session in 2012, Louise and the Illuminations staff developed a way to do just that:


Up to 6 participants are invited to hang out with Louise in Skype or Zoom for an hour or so in an exciting adventure. When Louise tunes in, it's alway fun to see where the flow takes the group.
(Some choose to pull together their own group for an enjoyable and enlightening time together! — see photo above).

Each guest have the opportunity to ask Louise a question, although quite often she'll address your question before you need to ask! Her responses are consistent with the nature of her work, to give you tools with which to navigate the challenges in your life, and to empower you with a new and unique perspective. She also answers your question in a way that is insightful to the group-at-large. (It's not unusual that her intuited information unintentionally proves to be highly relevant to one or more of the other participants — sometimes quite specifically!)

Together, the group journeys through Streaming Consciousness as Louise demonstrates how to gain a clearer understanding of multi-dimensionality. What it is? How does it work? This is also an opportunity to observe first-hand what it's like to go beyond linear time, merge with another's consciousness, and communicate with one's Higher Self.

Here are some specifics:

Saturday Questions are scheduled periodically. (Special arrangements can be made for private Sunday groups)

  • Usual Time: 10am/Pacific time (Time Zone Calculator) Come into the Skype or Zoom meeting rooms a few minutes early to get yourself checked in and situated.
  • Max guests: 6
  • Minimum donation: $20
    • BEFORE you sign in:

    • Set up an account with PayPal, or check to be sure your current account is up to date with your desired current payment method. Have your account open and ready, in case you're one of the first 6 — so you won't have to take time to retrieve (or change) your password.
    • We will meet in Skype or Zoom. Both are free to sign up. Make sure you have the latest versions downloaded and installed on your computer or device, with connectivity and audio/video tested. (Also, please come equipped with an earphone+mic accessory, the kind which often come with iPhones and other mobile devices. This will help us avoid an annoying echo effect!)
      • If we use Skype: once you're in, do a search for my Skyp ID —'illuminatress' — and if this is your first time, invite me as a new contact (and I'll accept). If I've received an email confirmation of your payment, I'll invite you to join the group. Otherwise — and if there's still room — I'll text you in Skype [Skype menu > conversations > instant message] the PayPal link to assist you in making your payment.

        For Zoom, you'll be sent an emailed invitation with a link to the meeting room when we've received confirmation of your PayPal payment.

        Practice with a friend!

        See you at the next scheduled Saturday Questions!