CL in WA

I was first led to Louise through true divine orchestration, and boy has it been magical! Our time together - me as her apprentice - has been nothing short of wonder, laughter, and amazement. She radiates warmth and lovingkindness and harnesses her years of experience in teaching me techniques and tools to tap into the non-physical, the Stream of Consciousness, Spirit. 

Her confirmation and validation of the accuracy and synchronicity of even the littlest piece of intuitive information that I receive has not only increased my confidence in my own skills and gifts, but even more importantly, empowered me to live out my life purpose even more beautifully through those gifts. I'm so excited for even more "awe"-filled, zinger moments to come! Thank you, Louise!

 DT in SoCA:

Just to share with you some confirmation that came recently when I worked with you in the 2019 group reading, you told me that my mom was going to be excited to be attending classes with me (in the non-physical) when I started teaching online. 

You said to look for a sign of her pointing to a window where there are red flowers and bringing my attention to the view as confirmation that you are connecting with her higher Self. The day after the session with you when I saw my mom the first thing she said to me was, "I've been at school." And "you were the teacher." I just had to laugh. 

Then after we spent the afternoon together we went down to her room and she asked me to " open the windows because she wanted to take a look at the view." (Something that she never does.) She said that she liked the view because "she could see all the levels from there." LOL. That happened just the day after our mini-reading together. 

JD in OR

Louise, I can’t believe what peace and comfort (and positive energy)  that spending the hour with loved ones brought me.  

Thank you so very much Louise.

CM in CA

I listened to the recordings you have there and OMG, it was just great to hear you and actually, of course, you had so much wisdom there, things that I just needed to hear with an outside voice as I know them very well but, as I was having one of those  "human moments" LOL! It seems I had just forgotten...

KH in WA

Thank you for yesterday's session.  I truly "felt" you merge with me as you were reading my mind and how I was feeling.  I really needed yesterday's session.  I have felt so untethered for many, many months and I have got to reclaim myself and get back in the drivers seat.

CT in NM

Just wanting to thank you for using your skills/talents/insights and awareness to help me, as well as all those who are fortunate enough to benefit from your offering of your service.

It is truly magical to feel the largesse of that which we are in the midst of, to which you provide access. 

Expanding one's awareness to realize the closeness of those who have passed from our tiny bit of awareness is soothing and truly magical in many ways.

Thank you for showing people (me included) that grieving loss can be balanced  by another layer of life awareness. I feel that the gap between loss and gratitude was narrowed by your help. I find my appreciation of my Nezzie is accelerated by not having the distraction of her physical presence. A perspective I wish I was better able to have during our physical time together, yet is a blessing to have at all, regardless of the pain present from loss. 

I look forward to listening to the consultation more and increasing my awareness of it's significance.

DS in Greece & NYC

"I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of Louise Hauck's apprenticeship program, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the experience. Working with Louise was like having a guiding light leading me towards a deeper understanding of my own intuitive abilities.

Louise's supportive presence was truly remarkable, creating a safe and encouraging space where I felt empowered to explore and trust my own intuition like never before. Her emphasis on leaving ego at the door was a refreshing and crucial aspect of the journey. It allowed me to shed self-doubt and preconceived notions, opening up a whole new world of possibilities in my intuitive work.

What struck me the most was the incredible variety of techniques Louise introduced throughout the program. Each method offered a unique perspective, giving me a diverse set of tools to approach my work with greater insight and creativity.

Perhaps the part I loved most about working with Louise was her ability to gently push me beyond my comfort zone. In a nurturing and compassionate manner, she encouraged me to take bold steps and embrace the unknown, leading to profound personal growth.

Louise's apprenticeship program was a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. I will forever cherish the wisdom "

PR in MT

I was so comforted by Heart Links, to find such clarity and alignment with my inner sense of why we are here and what it all means.

SM in TX

Hello, Louise!

I just wanted to share with you how much hope & love you've given me over the past few years! You spoke with me about how I would be working with children, and I have now taught ballet classes, voice lessons, and also theater classes, all involving kids :) — some of the best experiences I have ever had. 

You also told me to be more grateful for my talents, instead of wallowing in the successes of others.  I am so grateful you taught me the trick of opening my heart when I feel it sinking. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Thank you for your gifts. You are truly such an amazing soul!! I'm so grateful I had the chance to speak with you. 


KY in NY

Louise, thank you so much!  Time spent with you is such a gift and I continue to appreciate your support throughout my journey!

SA in UK

Thank you so much for yesterday's very illuminating session and for sending the recording. I'm very much looking forward to listening to the recording as there was quite a lot of information that came through on the call.  Thank you also for the Tinkerbell story which I look forward to hearing.

RE in NY

What a cool session Louise. I have loved all of our sessions but something about this one is just amazing to me. 

You are a real inspiration and so lighthearted and wonderful. Really grateful for the opportunity to study with you. 

CR in UK

I am currently reading your book, "Beyond Boundaries." I am very interested in your perspective as I resonate with much of what you have written about, and sense I would benefit greatly from your approach and experience. 

A recent recommendation:

"Her name is Louise Hauck. She has a long career of such events and has a very unique way of presenting her information. She is very entertaining and, as you would expect, has wealth of stories for any situation or question. Her Higher-Self communication services for the family members of those who are not able to communicate (Alzheimer’s, comatose, autistic) is a particularly interesting subject.

I am not related, nor an agent. I simply know Louise, have utilized her services, and really think she would be a huge asset to the convention. I would encourage whoever is responsible for such considerations to give her a call or an email (louise@louisehauck.com)"

SA in NY

Thank you for a very unique and wonderful experience. You made me feel sooooo much better . You made me feel that I don't have to be guilt ridden because I'm still alive and [my deceased son] is not.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this feeling can continue and if I'm ever in the position to do it again. Be assured that I will immediately call. It was very uplifting.


I just read Proof of Heaven in one day and night, so fascinating, and we'll written, and read Heart-Links just prior. These two books are helping me to deal with the grief of my husbands passing.

AJ in MT

Hi Louise,

The download [of my phone consultation recording] worked Perfect!!! Thank you so much.

As 'predicted' - I found an amazing space to live in and the powers that be are allowing a 9 month lease! Just in case I decide to live elsewhere.

Louise, while I was driving a route that my Grandfather and I had driven through many times I was so aware of his presence (in the car with me-ha ha). I could smell him and feels his huge loving presence urging me forward.

Your consultation was so amazing! You are such a gift to me and to the world!

Gratitude! Gratitude!!!!!

Love love love to you

SE in WA

Even if you didn't offer me the help you do, I am so blessed to have you in my life. At the bottom of it all, you are simply a delightful person, full of depth, grace, fairness and kindness. You brighten my life! (And we really appreciate brightening here!!!)

Thank you so much for your prompt responses and your caring attention, but thanks even more for just being your true self!

HC in FL

Louise is a gifted Seer! She is someone who can remind you that Time is an Illusion by collaborating with you to look deep into your "Past," "Present," and "Future?" -- Someone who works from a place of LOVE and who reminds us that LOVE is a great place to be?

I've had 4 sessions over 4 years with Louise every time it's been a tremendous LIGHT that comes into my Life to Keep Me ON TRACK. She has put me in touch with my Higher Self, my Future Self, Past Lives, Ancestors, Animals, Angels, and Many Other Loving Beings who are like my Spiritual Cheerleaders and Guides and Milestones. I just had another FABULOUS session with her yesterday and I'm reminded what a GIFT LIFE IS and the PATHWAYS that are open to realizing MY FULL LOVING POTENTIAL Here & Now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

SW in CA

Just finished reading your latest book last night - such an elegant, simple, and deep experience! You’re so talented, and I feel blessed to come further into my life/self by working with you. Last night I got to be in streaming consciousness with a friend who is in the process of passing. Her soul is content and we danced together, agreeing to be friends again in another life. Also was with the higher consciousness of my 12 year old niece who has stopped corresponding, and got to hear why. Then followed more of your advice and showed my dog images of me doing Craniosacral on her leg that is weak. This morning was the first time she let me work on her leg that’s been “going south” for the last 2 years. She had a spring in her step on our walk afterwards :-)

Also, appreciated reading more about your life experiences, and how you came to do the work.

BA in NV

Hello Louise,

I don't expect you to remember me as it has been about 9 years since my reading and I am sure you read many people each year. In any case for some reason tonight I had a real need to send you an email to give you confirmation of some things you had told me about in my reading.

First you had said to me that I had an Aunt that was passing and that she wanted me to tell the person with the initials MK that she was thankful and grateful that she was taking care of her. At the time I couldn't think of anyone, but when I had relayed this information to my Mother she told me that my Cousin Mary Kay had been helping to take care of my sick aunt at the time. All of the info you had given me was on target and so correct.

Another thing you had said to me was my husband at the time was looking for work and you told me that he would find a job and that you were seeing hoses. He actually took a job as a Facilities Coordinator/Fire Chief. I found it interesting that you would pick up on the hoses as he was in the field of Fire Suppression.

You had also told me that you were seeing me living somewhere other than where I was with a rustic look like Pine and such. I find it interesting that my now boyfriend is building a house and he says he is building for both of us and we talk about things like the bedroom furniture and having the log furniture. I also asked if my parents would be there where ever this place was and you said that it would be when one is gone and one is here. Well, my mother passed away January of this year and I still have my father here. Not sure if this new place is the one you were seeing as you had said that you saw pine trees and rustic décor, but in this case it is close enough in my mind to verify what you had told me.

Thank you so much for the readings you have given me.
May God Bless you and yours.

SM in CH

This will be my first experience with you, although my sister once asked you about the sale of my house in Il. You were so on point with what happened, even down to the names of the people who ended up purchasing it. I believe this may be something I might like do on a regular basis!

DW in Canada

Thank you Louise for mentoring me. The whole experience was wonderful. I felt safe and (not too dumb) through the whole learning process. It feels as though I've known you all my life. Finishing our time together practicing with [another apprentice] was perfect. I felt so comfortable wandering around in the Streaming Consciousness band of communication with him and didn't want to leave. It was just plain fun.

TA in CA

Hello Louise,

I wanted to tell you that after I left the group reading I learned that many of the things you said to me were very, very true and I didn't realize what they were until I left. Thank you, especially on behalf of my friend who's sister passed last July. You told me things about her that I didn't know until I called my friend. I don't know if you can remember what you said but several specific points were correct (she DID sing, she DID have a brooch, she had MUMS on her grave) and it brought a lot of peace to my friend.

Thank you for the feeling of validation and hope your reading gave to me.

CP in CA

Working with Louise as a spiritual mentor had a profound and life-changing impact on me. Louise helped me to develop skills I had long been hoping to evolve, and I found a renewed sense of hope and purpose in my life and especially my work as a psychotherapist. I highly, unreservedly recommend Louise to anyone who is hoping to deepen their intuitive and spiritual senses. Besides which, she is a delightful person and a pleasure to interact with--a real gem