Illuminations Apprentice Program

I was looking for a coach to work with me one on one, to help me 'step up my game' and take my abilities to the next level. A friend who has been around the metaphysical block suggested Louise who had done amazing readings for her and was also a mentor. I was thrilled to be accepted into Louise's IAP program, given her 30 years of experience and many accomplishments! Louise jumped right in, showing me exercises and techniques to make the most of my intuition, interpreting symbols and deciphering timelines. She showed me the uniqueness of my gifts and encouraged my individual approach for using them, increasing my clarity and confidence.

Louise's mentoring style is empowering, always kind, constructive and encouraging. Her apprenticeship program exceeded my expectations. I am grateful to have Louise as my mentor and I recommend the IAP program wholeheartedly to anyone looking to find tune their intuitive abilities.

Lynne Juneau — 2015-2016 apprenticeship

(Above photo: An online apprentice reunion/group practice)

NOTE (2019):

I'm learning so much alongside my apprentices about intuition, and what often inhibits one's connectivity to that flow of highly intuitive information available to everyone. The need to search out where those obstacles exist in one's past (and present) has, in recent years, necessitated a sort of merging of the Intuitive Life Coaching Program (ILC) and apprenticing. (Oh, and loved ones in the non-physical often jump into the mix to assist. Your expansion helps theirs as well!)


Information of all sorts—anything you could ever want to know—is floating around out there in Streaming Consciousness. This flow of information exists beyond linear time and three-dimensional space. So do the thoughts, memories and messages from non-physical souls who have simply 'dropped the body.' It's all available.

A certain mechanism in your own consciousness is equipped to access this information. It becomes more accurate and relevant when the receiver is open and attuned to merging with that flow in the Stream. With training and practice, it's like turning the radio dial to the right station. The survival of our species depends upon our becoming highly intuitive beings, utilizing these multi-sensory skills that reach beyond the five senses.

Since 1995, Louise's work has moved forward with a new emphasis. Earlier years were focused on desensitizing skeptics and welcoming seekers into her particular metaphysical perspective. Given the current acceleration of expansion of consciousness, her focus has been to take clients and apprentices behind the scenes, so that others might see and sense the way she does. This fascinating work allows her to observe how the associative mind works with 'raw footage,' the initial download of intuited information, and the importance of arriving at accurate and responsible interpretations.

When are clients invited to become apprentices?

  • When Louise intuits the truly multi-sensory and multi-dimensional nature of a client. It's those who would truly benefit from receiving confirmation—that they're not 'loonie,' or 'airy-fairy' because (for example)—they've always sensed non-physical loved ones around them, or dreamed precognitive dreams, or have simply...known things.
  • When she encounters a client whom she can assist by moving them through certain fears, resulting from constricting beliefs, and other influences that have left them feeling pretty spooked about their own intuitive abilities.
  • Finally—and Louise finds very few in this category: Those who are serious and competent enough to aspire to do this work, professionally. It's one thing to be 'dialed in' as a receiver of accurate information. It's another thing, however, to embody the necessary positive filter through which to pull through—and interpret—the information in empowering ways, while at the same time, not posturing as a wannabe therapist!
  • Louise is adamant about selecting candidates who've left their ego-selves, not only at the door — but in the garage! We’re all in this together. All for one, one for all!

    That said, many of Louise's apprentices through the years have been legitimately credentialed psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, psychologists, teachers, energy workers, healthcare workers, hospice workers, counselors, and physicians. The IAP has helped them gain greater confidence in weaving their intuitive 'hits' throughout their work with clients/patients in their practices.

    Louise also works with 'left-brain' thinkers in the academic, technology and scientific fields who seek to gain greater trust in their intuitive 'hunches' and to explore ways that intuition might enhance their work.

Apprentices learn how to:

  • Communicate telepathically with souls in the non-physical dimension. Death is an illusion. The veil is coming down. Consensus reality will no longer deny the continuum of consciousness—one that is never-ending, eternal — and accessible.
  • Communicate telepathically with the Higher Selves of those residing in the physical. It's a particular frequency that connects us all, elevating us to a higher level that reaches beyond fear-based and ego-driven agendas. Resolution and insights are revealed at this level of consciousness.
  • Access information from expanded consciousness—answers to questions, insights that expand one's vision and understanding of life in the physical—and the non-physical. It's important to circumvent the rational, censoring mind. Louise engages apprentices in exercises that trick the mind into stepping aside, allowing the 'raw footage'—the most intuitively accurate and relevant information—to flow in. She delights in watching apprentices amaze themselves! Skill in interpreting images and symbols is also emphasized.

Coursework includes exercises in telepathy, remote viewing (transmitting images telepathically), peer-to-peer communication (telepathic) through the Higher Self, matching frequencies with souls in the non-physical dimension, and transcending linear time. The apprentice's journey is tailored (intuitively) to his/her personal and spiritual needs.

Apprentices are taken through various exercises that help them expand their intuition by practicing the process of receiving highly intuitive, multi-dimensional, timeless information, interpreting those abstract impressions, and then delivering the information in ways that empower others.

Apprentices come from a variety of spiritual orientations and professions. Some seek to simply exercise their intuitive 'muscle,' and others work to infuse more relevant and intuitive information into their work as therapists and other healing modalities.

Here are some good questions recently asked by a new apprentice:

Is there a schedule of what's covered each week?

Yes, Louise has a series of exercises for you to experience in the apprenticeship program. You'll find an overview describing them on the IAS page in the syllabus designed for a group/online classes. The sequence of the exercises in your sessions will depend pretty much upon whatever way the (intuitive) wind is blowing each time you meet. (Sometimes loved ones join in!)

In the process of the exercises does the program facilitate further insights into my own process and spiritual journey, such as one gets from a reading?

Yes, the IAP is an opportunity for me to assist you in creating —
— your own, customized filter through which you'll pull through multi-sensory/multi-dimensional information
— a unique 'template' used for sorting the information into to linear format, and finally —
— a personalized decoding system with which to interpret the information — (sorry, no decoder ring included!)

Is it helpful to set aims for areas of my journey that I feel need illumination and support, or do we leave that to reveal itself?

You'll gain spiritual insights from observing the process of your own thought/mind mechanism in action, particularly in how the right brain cooperates beautifully in tapping into streaming consciousness," while the left brain, rational, intellectual mind tries like crazy to interrupt that flow. Many of the exercises are designed to trick the left brain into stepping aside.

Your specific goals are usually revealed as we go along, and sometimes a particular emphasis or focus will shift during your enlistment. A new apprentice will have experienced a consultation with Louise, allowing him/her to experience her style, and for Louise to get some idea of areas in which to focus. However, since she rarely recalls information relayed in consultations, she may also do a brief 'scan' in the first apprentice session.

Goals also tend to become clear at the start as you go through your application with Louise in the first session. For example, if she learns that an apprentice tends to be extremely 'empathic' — one who has the ability to not only feel what others are feeling around them, but tends to absorb those emotions and make them their own — it follows that she'll be focusing on ways to help him/her refrain from inhaling others' baggage. There will also be a focus on creating a healthier detachment (less personal projections) in the interpretation phase of the intuiting process, a factor that's crucial for more responsible and reliable deciphering of intuited impressions.

As is the case in consultations, there's a flow to the way things go, right from the start. Louise never hesitates to contribute certain information when it's given to her — 'hot off the wire' — or to includes loved one (in the non-physical) who might come forward to participate. However, apprentice sessions are not designed to serve as ongoing, extended consultations.


Sessions are scheduled once/week, preferably on Tuesdays. Scheduling can be variable when Louise is on the road. The apprentice calls Louise, unless international calls are too costly. In some of those cases, Louise can make the call (Europe, Australia, Israel — so far). Sessions can also be done over Skype or Zoom. These meetings are approx. 45-50 min.

10 Weekly Sessions
Tuition: $1200; $1150 when all 10 sessions are paid at the start.

Apprentice 'tours' can be divided into segments (5 sessions @ $600 each round) if that is preferable for the candidate.

Louise requires 24 hours notice for cancellations and rescheduling. If unexpected or last minute circumstances arise, Louise needs to be notified or that week's session will be counted.

The initial introductory session is an opportunity for Louise to review candidates' applications and gain an understanding of past metaphysical/spiritual/religious orientations and personal experiences involving the use of intuitive gifts. She is happy to contribute any intuited impressions that might enter in to enhance this experience.

Homework following this initial session: The text of Louise's invocation is emailed to apprentices for the purpose of customizing one for their own use.

The next sessions include an orientation to the 'scan,' an exercise done by apprentices at the start of each weekly session. The exercises themselves include a fun variety (detailed here). They've proven to be effective in tricking the censoring left brain and increasing the flow of information received through Streaming Consciousness.

Exercises include: Consciousness Streaming, 'The Doors,' remote viewing, 'Future Fridays,' and the 'fish hook technique.' Louise likes to let the flow of each session guide her and the apprentices toward whichever exercise facilitates their own unique process and individualized progression. Customization of an apprentice's own 'template' (a visual device used to contain, sort and interpret multidimensional information) will be included in either Phase One or Phase Two.

The later sessions emphasize more extensive coaching with Louise, practices with other apprentices (over Skype) if desired, and 'diving deep' into experimentation and discoveries involving multidimensional perceiving and interpreting.

Apprentices sometimes opt to 're-enlist' for more than one 'tour,' desiring an additional 5 (or 10) sessions to work with Louise on a more continuing basis as their time and monies permit. Some seek to maintain their momentum — their intuiting confidence levels — and may also use this opportunity to check in with Louise regarding the practice and application of their enhanced skills to their personal and professional lives. Some also seek business advisement from Louise during re-enlistments, ie, ways to integrate intuition skills into counseling and alternative healing professions, caretaking, workplace situations, and website and brochure editing/suggestions, etc.)

All weekly apprentice sessions are recorded, utilizing the same procedure Louise employs for consultations. A link to each recording is emailed, usually the same (or next) day.

If the rescheduling of an apprentice's sessions is delayed due to his/her conflicting obligations or time constraints, the apprenticeship (and tuition) will expire 2 months from the last session.

Requirements: Candidates need to be somewhat computer savvy. Skype and Zoom, along with other formats with texting functionality (such as Google or FB messaging) are used for remote viewing exercises and practices with apprentices.

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